Richard Basinger - President

About Us

Richard Basinger, Auctioneer and President of Bid-Assets has nearly 30 years of diverse experience in conducting both live and online auctions for the restaurant and grocery store industry. We are also online auctioneers for township auctions, city auctions, municipality auctions, food service equipment, school, university, college, and many other types of business liquidations.

We are a full service auction company and stand ready, at your call, to travel to your site, inventory, photograph, and upload your valuable assets to the Bid-Assets online auction website where thousands of registered buyers are ready to bid their best price on YOUR equipment. Should your staff have the ability to do the inventory and photography, we offer our exclusive free app "List Assist" for download on our homepage. This allows your staff to list and photograph items at their own pace. When finished, export and upload, and you've just saved a bundle on travel, and our auction labor expense.

During the process, we are just a phone call, email, or live chat conversation away. So whether you are a restaurant, school, college, municipality, or other business, we invite you to get in touch, so that we can fast track your fixtures and equipment from your business to online auction and turn them into cash.

Contact us toll free at (877) 638-5816 or by email at