Auction Details
BIDDING CLOSED! Vintage Movie Memorabilia, Roseville, Magazines, Antique Furniture, North Lima, OH - Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 Begins closing at 6:30pm at 4 items per minute

Item Description
1.RCA Victor Wood cased vintage tube type tabletop radio
2.Walnut paw foot oval parlor table, 33 in
3.Victor Victrola talking machine in mahogany case, looks to be complete, model VV IX
4.Mahogany carved octagon parlor table, 28 in
5.Brass floor lamp, paw foot, no shade
6.Painted metal magazine rack, 12 in, early
7.Grundig type 3012 large cased 25 x 16 am/fm radio on laminated Deco stand
8.ornate 2 PC oak buffet server hutch with beveled glass upper side doors, skeleton key included 73 x 75 h
9.early key wind clock with Christ scenes and mirror 28 x 20. Also includes mahogany storage box with brass hardware
10.mahogany sliding double door glass front mid-century hutch 47 x 60 h. Looks well-made, we'll clean up easily!
11.Early black painted spindle back rocker with plank bottom, embroidered pillows
12.Mahogany Rose back embroidered dining chair, gold wash stenciled Victorian chair with yellow velvet button back
13.Mahogany 2-door stand on casters, 23 x 23 w
14.11 x 13 wall mount pendulum clock, early
15.wonderful sanitary towel supply company beautiful oak bathroom wall cabinet with beveled mirror 19 x 28 h
16.48 in cedar chest with copper bands
17.Beautiful woven sewing bench with upholstered seat, well made
18.Early unmarked metal figure lamp with original cord with leaded shade 26in total height
19.Group of three assorted stands and bookshelves in mahogany, Maple, laminate
20.Small light Walnut oval showcase table with Queen Anne legs, glass cracked 24in and mahogany magazine rack
21.Victorian basin stand, 36 in tall, very ornate
22.massive mahogany double hutch with ornate applique, very unique, crack in one pane of glass, 80 x 78 h. Statement piece that needs very little repair!
23.27 and 36 in Victorian plant stands
24.33 x 38 laminate bookshelf secretary with flip top
25.Homemade pine step chair
26.Pair of clean upholstered mid-century armchairs
27.Bassett's 2 piece laminate Walnut mid century bedroom set with dresser mirror and chest of drawers only
28.2 Newer brass banker style lamp with green swivel shade
29.Nice Walnut or Teak mid-century shelving system, complete, needs assembled
30.30 x 40 h sliding glass door bookshelf, mahogany finish
31.Mahogany poster bed, full size with slats and rails
32.24 in peg leg laminate checker chess board table
33.Depression bedroom suite including chest of drawers, vanity with mirror, full size bed with headboard and footboard, pair nightstands
34.31 in Maple wall mounted curio shelf
35.Brass fireplace set including andirons tools and screen
36.Floor standing vanity mirror with cherry finish
37.25 x 48 Sonja Henie at Cleveland arena advertising poster on cardboard
38.24x 35 Randolph Valentino a sainted devil and Constance talmadge good night Paul posters on wood boards
39.26 x 39 distributed by Triton gallery New York City, Alexander Cohen presents Marlene Dietrich framed artwork. Lunt Fontanne theater
40.Group of assorted gone with the wind reproduction movie and nostalgia posters,
41.Titanic movie posters
42.Frankenstein, swing shift, Mae West movie posters on board
43.Hopalong Cassidy and his horse Topper 6 foot cardboard and Elvis Presley stand-ups
44.17 x 22 signed red Skelton artwork, please inspect it preview
45.20 x 26 Raquel Welch woman of the year palace theater poster, framed under glass
46.19 x 25 Skala En Piste Marika! Elan Film framed poster matted under glass
47.25 x 38 Laszlo willinger Edward Weston graphics Paris Los Angeles London New York Milan framed photograph under glass
48.Roseville "Peony" vase # 169, 8 in
49.Roseville "White Rose" vase, # 986 9 in
50.Roseville "Fuschia" bowl # 347, 6 in
51.Roseville "White Rose" # 387 4 inch bowl
52.Roseville "Iris" # 919 7 inch vase
53.Weller "Wild Rose" 6 in basket
54.Hull "Magnolia" art vase 8.5 in
55.Wedgewood silver jubilee 8in plate + 3 covered dishes
56.Heavy cast-iron 8in Scottie dog
57.10 in alabaster style nude statuary on marble base
58.Artek 5in scrimshaw reproduction and Chalk character by bossons England
59.18in Asian fan carousel
60.12 in porcelain painted Victorian style vases. Marked g10 on bottom
61.10 in Victorian portrait bowl buy DeSoto China. Small chip on back side
62.18 in Amber and clear oil lamps
63.10 in frosted glass decanter with stopper, 6in amethyst hobnail bowl
64.Crystal perfumers and small dresser jar
65.Matching perfumers set in undertray, with tassel
66.Nearly complete liquor tray set. Nice condition.
67.Two boxes of vintage straight razors
68.Vintage 2L churn
69.Emma Calve her artistic life RH Russell New York 1902
70.Pelouze manufacturing Gram balance scales under lucite case
71.10 x 13 Coca-Cola beverage tray, inspect at preview
72.Cocktail sets on tray, appears to be complete
73.Art glass amberina mushroom paperweights 6 and 4 in wide
74.Pair of Vintage Wells Fargo & Co. Express Stage Office wall mount lantern sconces, metal and glass, 14 in
75.3 mesh purses, group of 6 compacts
76.White beaded purse made in Hong Kong. Inbox
77.A Connie creation, wood box with gazebo band scene. 9.5 x 7
78.Uncle Sam mechanical Bank, 11 in tall
79.Assortment of Zippo and other lighters, bottle openers, telltale wiper arm pressure indicator, more
80.Youngstown memorabilia including 50 years in steel and 1953 yearbook, Beatles money bag
81.Beautiful 13 x 11 metal frame stand-up dresser mirror with beveled glass
82.MGM studio property Culver City California brass bugle
83.Pair 11 inch frosted vases with hand-painted duck scene
84.12 in hand painted decanter with stopper, 9 inch vase, both hand-painted
85.18 in curved composite pipe in case, other ceramic base pipes
86.Group including 3 mesh purses, two feather fans, three celluloid fans
87.West Germany 1.5 l Stein, smaller Stein with Cannon top, Oriental porcelain jar with lid
88.12in Green Glass double handle vase with relief
89.Westfield watch company in the box with guaranty Bond
90.Early fold out double 8 by 10 metal picture frame, appears to be brass, inspect at preview
91.Santa Claus in Toyland vintage pop-up book, copyright 1951 Harry doehla company
92.Box including lead soldiers and Indians, Bavaria porcelain bowls, ceramic thimbles, more
93.Box with musical ceramic cat, ceramic cat figurines, ceramic animal miniatures in showcase
94.Block Germany ceramic condiment spice container set
95.Box of hand-painted Japan porcelains and figurines
96.Box including pewter candle holders, weeping gold kidney shaped bowl with lid Japan ceramics
97.Godby's fashion Germany figurine, ceramic old world Santa, Paul Sebastian porcelain figurine
98.Group of desktop vintage alarm clocks, small figural bells
99.Miniature Japan sake sets, Japan soup bowl and cups and saucers, Siamese cat shaker
100.Unsigned large ceramic pitcher, floral 12 in
101.Group of ceramic decorative bowls and plates including Germany and flow blue
102.Turquoise depression style cups and saucers, blue optic block style luncheon plates, cups, saucers
103.Mighty Tonka dump truck and Tonka loader X2
104.Amico made in Taiwan your friendly bartender in the box
105.Two boxes of collectible dolls including Barbie, Ken, Barbie accessories and other baby dolls
106.Group of toys and games including pocket electronics, trivial pursuit, plastic lunch boxes
107.Box of new Bud bowl 8 and O'Doul's inflatables
108.Group of military magazines, pewter bowl, insurance advertising and automotive sales meeting journal
109.Group including travel magazines, the storytellers magazine, country western scrapbook, vintage beauty, more
110.Three boxes of postcards and photograph cards, large wholesaler lot
111.Large group of vintage greeting cards, domestic and foreign postcards, photo cards,
112.Gary Cooper Barbara stanwyck ball of fire and ABC Chesterfield headliners suitable for framing
113.Celebrity group photo, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour they got me covered frameables
114.Bogart Sahara and Gary Cooper, Paulette Goddard unconquered magazine frameables
115.Time magazine's including 1939 Scarlett O'Hara and 1939 Sonia Henie
116.Box of 1950s time magazines and 1950s TV guides
117.1940's popular mechanics and 1940s astounding science fiction books
118.Vintage Abrams art books with colorful prints
119.Group of over 50 rolling Stone, Star, national enquirer from the 1970s
120.Group of German celebrity pamphlet and books
121.Box of magazines tl from the 20s through the 40s including wife, ebony, are trails, more
122.Die Hausfrau magazines from 1935 Deutschland hard back
123.Large box of vintage musical and band programs
124.Group of vintage lace Valentines
125.Three boxes of vintage postcards including many Youngstown, early Hollywood, foreign, more
126.Box of movie press releases, movie star magazines, more
127.Movie star fan magazines, 1948 radio script titled let's pretend
128.Huge lot of travel postcards, celebrity cards, huge wholesaler lot!
129.Large Album of vintage greeting and photo cards
130.Large Album of vintage greeting and photo cards
131.Large Album of vintage greeting and photo cards
132.Large Album of vintage greeting and photo cards
133.Two large albums of vintage greeting cards
134.Large group of vintage Valentines, pop-ups, lace cards
135.Large group of postcards and postcard collector guides, also stamp collection
136.11 x 13 celebrity framed photos including Donna Reed, Alan Ladd, Susan Haywood, Ray Miland
137.3 autographed celebrity photos
138.16 x 14 autographed Bette Davis Jezebel
139.Dorothy Lamour and other framed portraits including autographed Carlie Adam
140.14 x 17 framed glamor pictures including Victory For A Soldier by Varga and nude with black stallion by Rene
141.17 x 22 framed child print
142.Group of vintage movie cameras and projectors
143.Large group of movie projectors, reels, & more
144.3 framed photographs and meiser and son dry goods advertising
145.17 x 11 wood framed plaques with metal overlay design
146.Very nice postal cards album, partially full of vintage cards
147.22 x 14 Elvis Presley wine sign, a toast to Elvis cardboard sign, I called him babe Elvis Presley's nurse remembers
148.Large album of Modern Schonheitsgalerie miniature 3 1/3 celebrity cards!
149.Huge group of vintage newspaper movie and dance cutouts. Suitable for framing. Lots of advertising cutouts from magazines as well. Inspect at preview
150.Group of vintage coffee advertising cards, vintage greeting cards with envelopes
151.JFK tribute lot including life look and post magazines
152.Large lot of magazine cut-outs of movie stars, most of them identified. excellent for identifying movie stars of the past!
153.Group of farm-related vintage magazines, literature, more
154.Group including Star Wars related, America's small houses, German books, popular music Hit parade album. 2 Bo Derek autographed calendars 1981 and 1982
155.1962 Kendall lubrication service guide in good condition. Completely original
156.12in Asian porcelain ceramic planter
157.Box of vintage film fun and silk stockings magazines
158.Gone with the wind, Walt Disney Fantasia, Pope John Paul trek to the holy Land paper
159.Dracula Prince of darkness dead for 10 years lives again A Seven arts Hammer production poster
160.David and Bathsheba Gregory Peck Susan Hayward Technicolor poster 20th century Fox
161.3 vintage movie posters, see photos
162.Two boxes celebrity movie photos
163.5 boxes vintage movie magazines including motion picture herald, record lands, movie Life, judge, tempo, TV guide's, Moore. Also included gun-related Browning pamphlets, tempo and quick pamphlets
164.Group of 8.5 x 12 black and white movie star photos
165.Large box of well-preserved vintage magazine advertising cutouts
166.Box of paper music and movie memorabilia
167.1978 22 x 55 ditzler automotive finishes vintage calendar
168.Group of approximately 15, 27 x 40 movie posters in good condition including jaws 3D, gone with the wind, Star wars, others
169.Bosley Bobbers celebrity bobbleheads including Little rascals, Hank Williams, red fox, other figurines
170.Box of assorted hardback novels, reference books, Liberace coffee table style books, song books, more
171.Group of nine porcelain fashion plates, France, in original boxes
172.Group of 9 assorted collector plates in boxes including Marilyn Monroe, Knowles, more
173.Sealed 1992 PGA tour pro set cards and young Indiana Jones Chronicles sealed
174.5 Hummel collectible plates from the 1970s
175.Large tin of matchbooks, club-style bookends, decoupage cottage keepsake box
176.Very nice reproduction stereoscope with cards, complete
177.Group of approximately 20 Marilyn Monroe and princess Diana Bradford exchange collector plates in boxes
178.Approximately 12 gone with the wind, mash, Queen golden jubilee collector plates with boxes
179.The brass King sanitary front drain wood and metal washboard
180.Military grip bag and pouch
181.Small round bamboo bench
182.Random box of movie posters, blacklight poster, maps, artwork, inspect at preview
183.Random box of movie posters including all of me The mean season, More
184.Random box of movie posters including the howling, thief of hearts, More
185.Group including two tier plant stand, print tray, curio shelves
186.Four boxes of ceramics, porcelain, metal Eiffel towers, paperweights, bears, more
187.Group of brass including mortar pestle, envelope holder, and Coca-Cola vintage bottle opener
188.Group including many playing card sets, small framed prints, Indian statuary in box
189.Four boxes including pressed Glass, stemware, mugs, flatware
190.Antique automobile Tumblers sets frosted glass playing card tumblers canister sets club habana ashtrays, camel bar mats, more
191.Olympia manual typewriter with cover
192.Box of suncatchers
193.Large group of trading cards including Elvis, desert Storm, football, movie stars
194.Stamp collections including albums, guides, international stamps
195.Battlestar Galactica battery powered space guns
196.Group of toys and collectibles including Star wars, Kaleidoscope, Tootsie toys, remote control car, dr. Pepper semi tractor-trailer, Fisher-Price roller skates, more
197.Box of assorted comic books in bags
198.Group of ceramic miniatures and porcelain dogs
199.Group of assorted metal artwork
200.Box of assorted vintage movie star magazines
201.Two boxes of assorted wood ornaments
202.Box of slide viewers, transparencies, soundex c20 cassette recorders
203.Group including canteens, brass hammer, more
204.Large group of vintage Star magazines including screenland, modern screen, liberty, movie story, motion picture, more
205.Group of movie star magazines, pirates score books and schedules, other historical moment magazines
206.Vintage paper including large box of celebrity photos including Elvis, Groucho Marx, John Wayne, many more also yearbooks and film star magazines
207.Group of Quaker wheat and rice celebrity mini pins
208.Group of beaded vintage purses, hair combs, pins, Bangles, bracelets, charm bracelet, more
209.Group of vintage paper, Saturday evening posts, rawleighs good health guide, clabber girl baking book, More
210.12 x 12 1995 John Lee Hooker first-day-of-issue Tanzania number 113 autographed photo
211.Box small-framed Glamour beauty prints
212.Shirley Temple, Robert Goulet, movie poster, picture frame
213.45 in vintage locomotive and barn scenes, heavy plastic
214.Huge box of sheet music with many colorful frameable covers
215.Box of modern screen, movie world, modern movies, movie mirror, TV Daystar, celebrity magazines
216.Three boxes vintage movie star magazines
217.Two boxes hardback books
218.Large paper cutter
219.Two boxes vintage movie star magazines, crate of assorted calendars
220.Vintage Coca-Cola and Pepsi menu boards with many NOS letters
221.Box of 1960s 1970s teen pop star magazines
222.Approximately 20 x 18 handmade display case with plexiglass top
223.Three boxes 1960s and 70s celebrity pop magazines
224.Two boxes record albums including 33.3 rolling Stones Chet Atkins James Brown Engelbert Humperdinck and others
225.Large glass buoy in tub, vintage stainless cooler in red white blue bag
226.3 assorted celebrity framed prints
227.Approximately 18 x 12 framed fairy print by Tsanya
350.Two ceiling lights with brass accent, frosted shades
351.Flamingo art in bamboo style frame, 14 x 10
352.Robert Blake wild bill Elliott red Ryder sun Valley cyclone movie picture, not authenticated
353.Abner Cicero Elvery 1931 framed photo, 9 x 11
354.Katherine Crowly signed photo, framed 13 x 11
355.Boxes collectible paperwork including Annapolis Naval Academy book, ration books, Elvis poster, Midge Toy placards and more
356.2 boxes children's books including Pinocchio, snow white, batman, sleeping beauty and others
357.2 boxes celebrity photos including Bob Barker, Mike Wallace, cast of sleeping beauty, Jim Bouton and others
358.2 boxes celebrity photos including Peggy Wood, Dick Van Patten, Henry Fonda
359.Lot advertising and movie posters, measure 14 x 11
360.Lot movie posters and celebrity photos Including Ronald Reagan, Dolly Dawn, Jilian Harvey, Veronica Lake and others.Some signed
361.5 movie star photos including Betty Gable, Marty Feldman and The Riddler. Four are signed
362.The Beatles photos, 8 x 11
363.4 boxes playboy magazine from the sixties and seventies
364.Lot assorted movie posters, Victoria magazine, people magazine
365.Lot celebrity tabloid magazines including low down, Quick, Eye, Vue and others
366.Newspaper headlines from the forties & seventies and grit magazine from the sixties and seventies
367.Lot movie posters including Vincent Price in Tower of London and Johnny Mathis scrap book with record
368.1954 parade magazine, 1942 liberty magazine, duplicate prescription form for medical liquor, Pennsylvania automobile law book, postcard
369.Lot paper doll books including Rudolph Valentino, Vivian Leigh, Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, Janet Leigh, Rita Hayworth
370.Lot magazines including Song Hits, Hit Parader, Tip Off, Police Gazette, movie radio guide, stage
371.Lot collector calendars, sketch books, pin up books
372.Lot advertising boards & pin up girl posters and books
373.Lot Esquire magazines from the thirties and forties
374.Ken magazines from 1939 and highlights magazines from 1957
375.Cinema Arts July 1937, Clnemonde magazine, How to draw books, travel magazines
376.Large lot of movie posters and magazines, many signed
377.Lot celebrity photos and magazine many signed
378.Lot Chinese watercolor book, the ladies world magazine, flare magazine from the fifties, Box office magazine from the sixties, L'ecran magazine from the forties
379.Large lot of Look magazines, many from the fifties and sixties (100+)
380.Lot magazines including boy's life from the fifties, holiday, American home and McCall's
381.Youngstown Sheet & Tube bulletin 1957, Leonardo drawings, Hamlet study guide, cameo classics, Statt Autogramme
382.Lot magazines including woman's day, journal, companion, ladies home journal, Colliers, Etude, household magazine
383.The Pompeian Company, Cleveland Ohio 1921 Advertising calendar, 28" H
384.Military photos, cap, manuals, military books
385.Leatherneck magazine from the forties, click magazine from the thirties and forties, global war Atlas
386.Mad magazine from the seventies, Harper's magazine, dance magazine's, Pennsylvania game news, trapping magazines and TV channels magazines
387.Magazines by woman's home companion, cosmopolitan, McCall's, red book, Colliers. Also classic cars calendar
388.Komic Kard postcard/plaks & Rhode Island post cards
389.Binder of wallet size photos of celebrities and athletes
390.Twobinders celebrity photos Including Jackie Gleason, Bob Barker, William Conrad, Sunny & Cher, captain kangaroo and many more. Inspect binders at preview
391.John Wayne in The Fighting Kentuckian litho movie poster, numbered 49/492. Measures 27 x 41
392.Five scrapbooking albums, some items dated 1911-1912
393.Lot PhotoPlay magazines
394.McCall's and journal magazine from the sixties & seventies
395.Lot Life, Saturday Evening Post and New York Times magazine covers and pages to be used for scrap booking. From the thirties to seventies
396.7 binders of life magazines from the thirties
397.Lot Life magazines from the sixties seventies and eighties
398.Life magazines from 1958 thru 1967 (100+)
399.Huge lot Life magazines, years 1950 thru 1957 (hundreds). Inspect at preview
400.Hundreds of life magazines from the years 1940 through 1949
401.Lot Life magazines from 1936, 37, 38 and 1939
402.Life magazines from the 30s & 50s, some framed, some with Lucky Strike Advertising
403.Red Line hand made duster and cane
404.Movie poster Sonja Henie in It's A Pleasure, copyright 1945. Measures 41 x 27
405.2 boxes Youngstown sheet & tube photos, travel magazines
406.Rock and roll books and magazines featuring rock stars, Beatles, monkeys, John Lennon
407.Lot British royalty magazines, European travel, news week, Mickey Mouse and others
408.Lot of assorted movie posters including Aladdin, it's my turn, My Bodyguard, Devil and others. See all photos for complete titles
409.2 boxes assorted celebrity framed photos, some signed
410.Entertainment, life, People, Time collector magazines. Variety great pictures and Ireland travel book
411.Lot of recipe books including some by pillsbury & Campbell's
412.Lot of magazines including true story from the thirtys, modern screen, film land, photoplay, TV radio mirror and others
413.Travel collector books, AAA service station directory, maps, vacation guide books
414.Vintage advertising items including Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
415.Lot celebrity photos and movie scenes & postcards
416.Hunting dogs 3-D tapestry art in ornate frame, measures 26 x 30
417.Wildlife 3-D tapestry art in white and gold frame, measures 21 x 41
419.Lot of Playboy magazines from the 60s thru 80s (100+)
420.Two boxes Playboy magazines from the 70s & 80s (80+)
421.Three boxes early 1900 books, hard back, some new edition/first edition. See all pictures for titles and inspect at preview
422.Two boxes early 1900 books, hard back, some new edition/first edition. See all pictures for titles and inspect at preview
423.Two boxes early 1900 books, hard back, some new edition/first edition. See all pictures for titles and inspect at preview
424.Large lot movie, sports and advertising newspaper pictures . Many 11 x 13 (100+)
425.The Gamecock magazine, 1970s thru 2004 (40 total)
426.Three boxes Life magazines from the 50s (100+)
427.Two boxes Life magazines from the forties (50+)
428.Two boxes early 1900 books, hard back, some new edition/first edition. See all pictures for titles and inspect at preview
600.Jewelry including Coro earrings and earrings marked made in Western Germany.
601.Beautiful costume jewelry including Coro brooch.
602.Prince Gardner lighter Japan, earrings , necklaces and Cameo pins, .some pins are damaged.
603.Assorted jewelry. Including necklaces bracelet ,pins and earrings
604.Westclox Scotty pocket watch given by Sharon Steel Corporation, Continental made in Japan lighter ,hair pins, Adlake key, Cracker Jack bookmark, Ohio State Police pin and others
605.Assorted beaded necklaces
606.1891 Rodgers fork silver plate ,1847 Rodgers serving forks one marked 1847 Rogers brothers first love spoon and fork, Baroness silver plate fork ,Community plate spoon and napkin rings
607.Decorative wall masks. 7 inch through16 in long
608.Vintage 7-inch marionette and Playschool Super Dog toy
609.Desk clock 9 in , elephants, Mickey mouse Walt Disney world 3-inch figurine and others
610.John B Stetson Beaver XXX hat.
611.Danbury mint princess Kate bride doll. Appears to be new in box.
612.World doll limited edition 20" Elvis Presley pants are worn.
613.Effanbee legend series Liberace 18in doll.
614.Effanbee legend series Mae West 19 in doll
615.Susan B Anthony doll and 16 in doll on stands
616.Sherlock Holmes and Groucho Marx 17 in dolls
617.Tom Clark Union soldier 1987 and Tom Clark confederate soldier 1985 . 14" and 15". By the piece X2
618.Vintage Kyoraku Sun 406 tabletop pinball machine. And automatic jackpot tabletop slot machine.
619.Vintage Stereoscope viewing cards, lipstick tissue, hosiery
620.Group of vintage bowls and vases.
621.Large group (5 boxes) of playbill, wrestling magazines, history of television, 50 years of photographic Hollywood and others
622.Large group of sheet music. (3 boxes)
623.Two boxes of Elvis magazines and books
624.Assorted oil and electric lamps (4) ranging from 30 in to 20 in.
625.Group of lamps (4) ranging from 19 in to 35 in high
626.Assorted lamps candelabra and statuary marked Chanson Par Kossowski with broken hand. Please see additional pictures for lamp shades
627.Assorted antique and vintage dolls. Also Shirley Temple doll in original box. Some dolls damaged please come to preview. Also comes with vintage doll dresses please view additional picture.
628.Akron Beacon Journal February 27th 1963 and Akron beacon journal Monday July 21st 1969.
629.Group of dog, cat and horse figurines
630.Beer bottles and decanters.
631.Vintage celluloid and Bakelite and bag and clutches also dresser set and hair combs. Some pieces are damaged please come to preview
632.Evening in Paris cologne, and others.
633.Teacup and saucer including J&C Flora, R&S and others marked with a number or letter.
634.Lady Head Vases including, Inarco,Napcoware,Ardco, Relpo and others marked with number.
635.Miramar collector plates 16 in..
636.Staffel pitcher and 13" bowl. Bowl has hairline crack
637.Clematite Sarreguemines pitcher and 15 inch bowl.
638.Furstenberg 14" vase damaged
639.McCoy 204 Owl cookie jar damaged on bottom.
640.Assorted mostly brass animal figurines and candle sticks including Towel deer. Ranging from 2" to 12"
641.Boy Scout apparel, pins, books and others
642.Large group of Monster magazines and others
643.Wind-up toys including Green Machine the Frog Band ,toy cars and others . (5 boxes)
644.Elvis memorabilia includes; decanters(one with broken head),Elvis doll by American Porcelain , photographs, and TV Guide, collector tin and book. Please see other picture
645.Assorted 45 RPM records
646.Political pins
647.True Romance ,See, Doc Savage, Bruce Lee magazines
648.Large group of the Saturday Evening Post magazines.
649.Large group of 11 by 14 movie posters, 1930s Good Housekeeping, 1940's The Yank, 1930s ,40s and 50's, Picturegoer 1930's and 40's. Photoplay. (6 boxes)
650.24x24 Arvin Mufflers sign
651.Assorted TV and movie magazines including Radio Mirror, Silver Screen, TV World. Also Fur Fish Game magazines, assorted Elvis magazines and others.(5 boxes)
652.Assorted books including, Life Goes to the Movies, Diana, Royal Children, The Royal Wedding, and others (2 boxed)
653.Assorted books including Will Rogers, Nedra, Tempest and Sunshine, The Eyes of the World, Jane Eyre, and others
654.Large box of sheet music.
655.Box of 11 x 14 movie posters.
656.Group of books and magazines (4 boxes) including Ingrid Bergman My Story, Queen of France, I Owe Russia $1,200, True Romance magazines ,Modern Screen magazines , Post the American Rifleman magazines and others.
657.Large group of books and programs, sheet music including Magnificent Obsession, Sunshine and Shadow, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Singing in the Rain, the Flying Mercury, the Spirit of the Border, Knight's of the Range, Return of Tarzan and others. see additional pictures.(5 boxes) including,
658.Movie and TV magazines including Hollywood Screen Life , Modern Screen, Who's Who in Television, TV Screen Secrets., Films of the Golden Age and others.
659.Group of books magazines and posters including Silver Screen, Joker, Movie Mirror, Hollywood, Erma Bombeck, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and others
660.Spock poster, 1976 Star Trek calendar, movie posters, Leading Men 1989 calendar, trick book, gardening , sewing books and others
661.Group magazines including Better Homes and Gardens, American Home, Journal, House Beautiful, the Small Home, Dance, also what appears to be a signed menu from the Bismarck Hotel in Chicago 1938
662.Magazines from the 1950s through 1960s including Outdoor Life , True the Man's Magazine, True West, Sports Afield and others.
663.Magazines including, People, Time, Newsweek and Confidential
664.Philadelphia Eagles 1948 National League Champions poster, Cleveland Brown's 1948 all American Conference Champions, History of the Plain Dealer, Motor Travel Canton Automotive Club, Civic center Cleveland avenue North and others.
665.Two jars filled with matchbooks
666.Princess Diana collector plates. Total of 8. Three shown in picture
667.Marilyn Monroe collector plates. Total of 8. Three shown
668.Hallmark Scarlett O'Hara Christmas ornament, National City Bank piggy bank, slam ball candy jar, flip photo albums and others
669.Magazines including Welcome Back Beatles, Motion Picture, 16 Magazine Presents, TV Picture Life, George and others
670.Large lot of magazines including , Modern screen, Radio Mirror, TV Star Parade, Photo Play and others
671.Barbie doll scrapbook ,Betty Boop doll., Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm dolls and others
672.Large group of Playbill, Filmpost and others
673.Who is That?, United Commercial Travelers of America, Bob White's Scrapbook, Architectural Almanac (1963), Everyday Almanac compliments of First Savings and Loan Massillon (1922) and others
674.Dresser set in case.
675.Large collection of vintage programs including, Ice Capades 1940s through 1950s Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Ice follies 1930s and 50s and others. Please see additional pictures
676.Large group of the American Weekly Paper from the 1930s. Please see additional pictures. All have tears and may not be complete
677.Tom Selleck posters. 8 in the box are duplicates.
678.Large group of collector plates including Hummel 1980 1975 and 1974.
679.Large lot of scrapbooks containing cutouts of movie stars and articles.
680.Cary Grant world doll from the movie, His Girl Friday... new in box.
681.Judy Garland world doll, Easter Parade. Appears to be new in box. Authenticity certificate missing
682.Spielzeng Museum doll..Art.-Nr. 07814/70
683.Franklin heirloom doll , Winter Angel new in box. Wings and halo are still covered with tissue paper.
684.Nice binder full of over 50. 7x9 movie star prints including Carol Burnett, The Jeffersons, Jackson 5 , Liberace, The Beverly Hillbillies, Lucille Ball and more. See pictures
685.Box of stainless steel flatware paring and carving knives
686.Silverware chest
687. Framed copies of movie stars photos, Hoechst 1980 81 and 88 calendars
688.2 boxes including teakettle, miniature furniture, sconce with mirror, coffee mill and others.
689.Milk glass footed fruit bowls.
690.Two boxes of clocks including Liden Westminster, Wedgefield, Westclox and others
691.Vases, teacup, cream and sugar, doll heads, wall clocks, wall plaques, ornate vases , and others
692.Elvis Presley collection of, pennants, case ,poster book, calendars, Memphis Press August 17th 1977 and Look Magazine .
693.45 records with two pink disk- go -cases. 45's include Pretend, Nat King Cole, Memories are Made of this ,Dean Martin, It's All in the Game, Tommy Edwards, I won't Go Huntin with you Jake, Jimmy Dean and others
694.two binders of 8 x 10 movie star photos. Marilyn Monroe ,Judy Garland ,Rita Hayworth, and others. Also other binders with magazine covers and articles of movie stars from the 1950s
695.3 binders of 8 x 10 photos and post cards of Gary Cooper, Rita Hayworth, Natalie Wood ,Judy Holliday and others.
696.3 binders of movie star magazine articles and movie star prints including Anita Ekberg, Veronica Lake, Juliet Prowse and others .
697.ornate marble clock with cherub and candelabra damaged
698.Van Dyke artist easel
699.Scrapbooks with movie article cutouts, sheet protectors, frames, metal file, shelf and case with record albums including Engelbert Humperdinck Gershwin and others
700.Two boxes of record albums including Chorus Line, Star Wars, The Sting, Patsy Cline, Benny Goodman & More
701.Three boxes of albums including the Beatles, James Brown, John Lennon Wayne Newton, the Monkeys and more
702.Two boxes of Harper's magazine 1920s and 30s and hardback books including Versailles, Art Treasures of the World and others
703.4 boxes of books including; Me Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Takes Off, MGM When the Lion Roars , Gershwin Strike up the Band, The Life and Times of Laurel and Hardy, Sinatra and more
704.Three hats in boxes including Dobbs gentlemen's hats one is marked XXX and women's hat made in Italy
705.Rondini piano accordion made, in Italy number 3961, with mother-of-pearl keys and accent. Very nice condition. Also comes in velvet-lined case.
706.2 jewelry boxes
707.Box of 12 Christmas ornaments
708.4 boxes including Foster Federal savings and loan decorative tin ,Borel golf clock, metal and ceramic figurines, 1958 Snoopy silverplate Bank, first National Girard and McDonald Bank, and others
709. Three 10 x 16 metal plaques and three glass pictures (some glass cracked). See all pictures.
710.Group of canisters, William Sonoma dish towels, and others
711.4 boxes including Moderne Schonheits Valerie German 2x3 card album, Vom Werden Deutfcher Filmkunft book, Civil War handbook by William H Price, Writer's Digest Nov 1956, Smithsonian Institute Presidential collector cards, collector cardboard Sealtest ice cream lids and more.
712.Over 30 vintage McCall, Simplicity, Butterick and Advance patterns
713.2 collector plates; The Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 2002, TV Guide's including Judy Garland, Diana Queen of Style, Royal Wedding program 1947, BBC Royal collection and more.
714.Four boxes of books including; Gone With the Wind, Queenie, Meadow Brook, Tarzan and the Ant Man, the Beast of Tarzan, The Lone Ranger and the Silver Bullet, The Lone Ranger and Outlaw Stronghold and more
715.Four boxes of books including Clark Gable, Citizen Kane, Hollywood Glamour Portraits, the Movies, How Sweet it is and others
716.5 boxes a books and magazines including Prince Philip, Lana, Tiger Beat, 16 magazine, Bravo, and others
717.14 x 9 Koehler Erie brewing company sign
718.Large group LPs of Elvis, The Monkees, Doris day ,Happiness is and others.
719.Nutcrackers some are damaged and metal Santa Claus cake pans
720.Tambourine and and Yamaha pss-130 keyboard.
721.Royal Zinn 1625 tray, grapes, Prince Albert in a can , fishing reel, jewelry boxes and others.
722.7 boxes of books including Mommy Dearest, Cagney, Bogart, Blue Angel, Talking to Myself, Long Live the King, Shelly, the Films of Marilyn Monroe, Life is a Banquet and more.
723.56 x 77 American League champions Indians blanket. Includes other afghans pillows, blankets.
724.easy edit slide tray holders ,metal red combination safe bank , and others
725.Three boxes of books including Antiques Price Guide, Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, Blue Book of Dolls and Values, Paperback and Magazines, Jewelry, Doll Values and more
726.Five boxes of magazines and books including Elvis life , modern screen, photo screen, photo play and others
727.Six boxes including Asian figurines, roosters, tea cups and saucers
728.Vintage celluloid purses and vintage beaded purses ,hats, dresser trays , 5 by 7 picture frames and others.
729.Group of 15 in figurines, Asian wall art, glass figurines, and others.
730.Realistic AM FM radio cassette recorder model 500. Also includes the godfather , Lady and the tramp, Lion King etc vhs tapes ,and video discs including Elvis in blue Hawaii,Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kids and more.
731.Three section cow cookie jar, rooster pitcher and, jar
732.4 boxes of lady head vases including, Inarco,Napcoware,Ardco, Relpo and others marked with number.
733.Large group of jewelry boxes
734.Youngstown vindicator November 22nd 1963, February 20th 1962 Saturday the November 23rd and more.
735.Large group of posters, tin art, programs and more.
736.Heilemans 14 by 20 framed mirror
737.Morgan Shepherd number 21 cherry wine print in frame racing 94.. 391/500.. 18 x 22.
738.23 x 18 artwork of hunter in frame
739.Kodak Ektagraphic projector model B 2, Kodak colorburst instant camera, vintage Revere eight projector in case, Webcor Statesman recorder model EP2300-1 with case and 8mm movies.
740.Vintage number 6 precise trimming board cutter
741.Group of magazines, books, programs, pamphlets. Including Max brand collection evokes and Zane grey collection of books. Home - Online Auctions - Registration
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