Auction Details
BIDDING CLOSED! Donald James Antiques Collectibles Day 1, North Lima, OH - Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 Beginning at 6:30pm at 4 items per minute

Item Description
1.Pair figurines made in Occupied Japan, 7" H
2.Fenton ruby red hobnail vase (3" H) and amberina crackle glass pitcher (3" H)
3.Goebel brown bird number 108, era 1960s. Measures 5" H
4.Goebel wood warbler bird number 38028, era 1960s. Measures 3" H
5.Cardinal by Andrea 8627, measures 6" H
6.Goebel 1961 St Joseph figurine Rob 405B, measures 6.5" H
7.Goebel mini dog figurines including Scotch, Collie 80 107, Saint Bernard puppy 30114. By the piece x5
8.Wedgewood Jasperware heart shaped dish, 4" W. Marked on bottom Z 65 and vase marked on bottom Y WH 68, 5" H
9.Lladro angel figurines Thinking, Laying Down, Seated Playing Harp, 3-4" H. By the piece x3
10.Six small and medium sized paperweights
11."Toby" mug by Wood & Sons England. Measures 3.5" H
12.Royal Doulton Winston Churchill mug, 5.5" H
13.Wedgewood pin dish Daniel Greenway printing advertising piece, London. Stamped 59 Wedgewood, measures 6" W
14.Pair brass fox bookends, 7" H
15.Dietz number 2 Wizard lantern with red globe, 14" H
16.Marble tan and brown light pastel vases, measure 6 and 8" H
17.Limoge W.G. & Co. Hand painted floral candy tray with split 24k gold gilded finial handle, early 1900s. M.Z. Austria pink floral candy dish. O & E.G. Royal Austria American Beauty flowered candy dish. Salt & pepper shaker(damaged)
18.3 large paperweights blue & yellow, by the piece X3
19.Paperweights in green, purple and yellow. By the piece X4
20.Blue clear glass and multicolored paperweights, by the piece X3
21.Royal Doulton Pied Piper D6462 (3.5" H) & Auld Mac D5824 (3" H). By the piece x2
22.Royal Doulton Gone Away D6538 & The Poacher D6515. Both 2.5" H. By the piece x2
23.Royal Doulton small Toby mugs The Lawyer D6524, Sir John Falstaff D6063(?), Auld Mac Bang Went Saxpence. All measure 2.5" H. By the piece x3
24.Primitive stone hand axe, quarts stones and rocks
25.Brass decorations including wall anchor, door knocker, lighthouse hook, can opener. 4-9" H
26.Lenox Holiday 5 piece place setting Ivory fine China decorated with classic holly and berries motif. 24kt gold accent band. Each setting included: 10.5" dinner plate, 8" salad plate, 6" bread plate, teacup, 6" saucer. Total of 8 place settings with storage covers
27.Lenox Ivory Fine China decorated with classic holly and berries motif. 24kt gold rimmed accent.Includes 16" platter, serving bowl, creamer & sugar, salt & pepper. Matches lot 26
28.22 Kellogg's Pep cereal vintage pins of cartoon characters including Dick Tracy, Blondie, Harold Teen, Mr. Bailey, Popeye, Olive Oil, Superman, Snuffy Smith, Orphan Annie, Jiggs and others. Each pin only 3/4" W
29.O.Peres Solingen Germany egg slicer, Grrman made compass, Heinz pickle pins, red cross pins, miscellaneous pins
30.Pair Lenox fine bone China floral slippers with 24kt gold accent. Measures 5" W x 3" H
31.Lenox fine bone China with 24kt gold accent vases (4.5 & 7" H), candy dishes (2 & 3" H)
32.Lenox leaf themed soap dish and 3 swans, one with 24kt gold accent (2-4" H)
33.Lenox fine bone China pitcher, butter pat tray, salt & pepper shaker (one with top damage)
34.Schuco Examico 4001 burgundy wind up toy car with key.1940s era, made in US zone Germany. Measures 5.5" W
35.Ertl Coca Cola cast bank and Limited edition Citgo bank. Measures 6 & 7" W. By the piece x2
36.Scale model toys London City sightseeing bus, Terex Titan truck, golf cart. 3-6" W
37.Wagner Ware Sidney O cast iron skillet number 10
38.Good Health number 8 cast iron skillet with Griswold number 8 self basting skillet cover
39.Brass savings banks, 2 Mack truck and covered wagon. 5" W. By the piece x3
40.Brass Collectible savings bank classic cars, 1902, 1926 & 1929. By the piece x3
41.Bosons Character Wall Heads including Lifeboatman, Smuggler, Old Salt, Boatman, Sardinian, Corsair Pirate. Measure 5" H. By the piece x 6
42.Bossons Character Wall Heads Punjabi, Kurd, Sikh, Syrian, Persian, Himalayan. Measure 5" H. By the piece x 6
43.Bossons Character Wall Heads including Sea Captain, Tyrolean, Bargee, Dutchman, Fisherman. Measure 5" H. By the piece x 5
44.Bossons Character Wall Heads Alsatian, Victorian Fireman, (2) Sherlock Holmes. Measure 5" H. By the piece x 4
45.Bossons Character Wall Heads Buffalo Bill Cody and Robin hood, 5" H. By the piece x2
46.Bossons Character Wall Heads including Mr. Pickwick, (2) Mr. Micawber, Sarah Gamp, Scrooge, Jenny Jones. Measure 5" H. By the piece x 6
47.Uncle Sam cast iron mechanical bank, measures 11" H. Appears to work fine
48.Handcrafted with coal from Whales miner (3" H) & Handcrafted with West Virginia coal mountaineer (6" H)
49.Antique wooden coffin block plane, measures 8" W
50.Glass stallion bookends, 8" H
51.12 collector birds by Beswick, Lefton, Giuseppe Chiurato & others. Measure 2-5" H
52.Three mugs and four German mini Steins, one mug Handpainted blue delfts
53.Bonheur exposed balance fancy dial pocket watch, circa 1895. Gun metal outer case. Displayed in hanging glass case
54.Four collector steins including Constitution by Swank
55.Fourteen bird figurines measuring 2-7" H. Yellow canary has chipped beak
56.Carved stone Mesoamerican Aztec or Tiki bookends. Alabaster? Measures 7" H
57.3 Handcrafted Budweiser steins including golf sports series, clydesdales, Octoberfest 1992 with unique pretzel handle
58.Aztec style carved stone bookends. Marble? Measures 6" H
59.Three stained glass hanging art, 4-9" H
60.Lot collectibles including marbles, love paperweight, floral & cast pitcher, glass frogs, blue based vase
61.Iron worker statue (12" H), marble bull and wall hanging dog plaque
62.Elephant, iguana, fish, dog & cat figurines. Nesting and decorative egg. 1-3" H
63.Three ceramic dog figurines including German shepherd by Napco. 5-12" W
64.Four beer Steins, 3 with lids. Includes Old Germany & Weisbaden Haus
65.Pair Caribbean pirate wall plaques, 12" H
66.Bronze Brass collector savings banks, Security people's Trust Company, CXXV and Twinsburg banking company. Also includes replica 1931 rolls Royce
67.Lot of collectible figurines including Statue of liberty & Athena. Some bronze
68.Seven hand carved wood figurines, measures 6-12" W
69.Bronze Brass collector savings banks, Farmers National, Alliance Savings, Great Northern Savings, CXXV, First National. By the piece x 5
70.Lot of ceramic and plaster dogs including German Shepard, boxer and others. Measures 2-4" H
71.Heavy brass unicorns, sailboat, car, cannon and figurines. Measure 2-8" H
72.Pewter figurines, dragon boat and pitcher. 2-10" H
73.1969 Ezra Brooks Overland Express decanter, replica dueling Pistol lighter, vintage door hook, cooper bugle, mug & plaque
74.Carved statues and figurines including warrior, Greek, Tiki. Measures 4-9" H
75.Four fisherman figurines and Santa Maria ship in a bottle
76.8 ceramic and plaster dog figurines, some marked Germany & Japan. 3-6" H
77.11 ceramic dogs, some made in Japan. Measure 3-5 inches H
78.Fifteen ceramic dogs, various breeds. Measure 2-4 inches H
79.Bossons Character Wall Heads including (2) Paddy, Jock and unidentified. Measure 5" H. By the piece x 4
80.Bossons Character Wall Heads Old Salt, Lifeboatman, Smuggler, Boatman. Also unmarked Captain. Measure 5" H. By the piece x 5
81.Pair boat anchor bookends
82.Carved wood statue (13" H) and mixed wood jewelry box with detailed aluminum finish
83.Lot Tribal figurines and wall heads made of carved wood, stone, metal and plaster. Measures 4-7" H
84.Wood carved wall heads and figurines including, Sailors, Rastaman, Eskimo. Measure 2-8" H
85.Lionel O scale Delaware & Hudson Caboose #35707, flat car # 16533 and coal car (damaged wheel)
86.Lionel O gauge #3859 pre war automatic dump car. Made between 1939-1942. Black with red
87.Lionel O scale pre War #3811 log car and #6257 red caboose (made 1948-56)
88.Lionel O scale flat cars including #6411, made from 1948-50
89.Lionel O scale #9067-10 Thomas the Train passenger cars Annie & Clarabel. 1997. By the piece x2
90.Marx O scale tin plate Pullman Bogota & Observation Passenger cars. 6" W. Please see pictures for condition. By the piece x2
91.Marx tin plate NYC Lines #547 Baggage car and B&O #384299 car (missing wheels). 6" W. See pictures for condition. By the piece x2
92.Lionel O scale #3652 gondola/dump car. Pre war era made 1939-1942. #1679 Baby-Ruth box car, yellow with green roof.
93.Marx O gauge train cars including New York Central, Northern Pacific #554 coal, Union Pacific #59 cattle, Sante Fe Middle States Oil #553. Pre war era. View pictures for condition. By the piece x 4
94.Marx O scale Commodore Vanderbuilt steam line engine and Lionel Scout coal car, wheels need repaired. See pictures for condition
95.Lionel Train Master Transformer 115V, 60 cycles, 125 Watt
96.Lionel Transformer and assorted paperwork including accessory catalog
97.Lionel O scale train cars including NYC #6462 gondola (1949-58), Burlinton Northern #9141 in green, NP #9120 flat car, #6112 blue gondola(1956-58). By the piece x 4
98.Lot curved and straight O gauge train track
99.Lionel catalogs and Railroad story magazine
100.Green metal train accessories Bridge, measures 27" W
101.Rail mounted steam shovel, no visible markings. Measures 8" W
102.Lionel 027 gauge train set. 1666 steam engine, 2689W coal tender with whistle, 2680 Shell Oil tanker, 2679 Baby-Ruth freight car, 2682 red Caboose. 1041 Transformer, 12 curved track, 21 straight track, 1 track X crossing, 4 switches, Instructions book
103.Lionel RT3462 Automatic refrigerated milk car with receiving station
104.Lionel #8651 log dumping car and #160 bin log receiving tray
105.Lionel #153 automatic block signal with instructions manual
106.Lionel #152 Automatic crossing gate with red lamp (L431 R). Production 1945-49
107.Train accessories including 6 green street lights, 4 plastic billboards, 5 powerline poles, 8 cast instructional signs
108.Tootsie Toy piper cub airplane. Made in USA, silver in color. 4" wingspan. 1940s? Era
109.Royal Doulton Vivienne 2073. Measures 8" H. Production 1951-1967
110.Royal Doulton Premiere HN2343 figure. Production 1967, measures 8" H
111.Royal Doulton Sandra HN2275, production 1968. Measures 8" H
112.Royal Doulton Autumn Breezes, round number 835666, HN 1934. Measures 7.5" H
113.Royal Doulton Fair Lady, HN 2193, production 1962. Measures 7.5" H
114.Signed Michael Doulton 1991 event figure Fragrance by Royal Doulton, HN3311. Measures 7.5" H
115.Royal Doulton Loretta, HN 2337, Copr 1965. Measures 8" H
116.Royal Doulton The Favourite, HN2249, Copr 1959. Measures 7 3/4" H
117.Royal Doulton Pirouette, HN 2216, Copr 1958. Measures 5 3/4" H
118.Royal Doulton figure Bedtime, HN 1978, Copr 1945. Measures 5.5" H
119.Royal Doulton Francine, HN 2422, Copr 1971. Measures 5.5" H
120.Royal Doulton figures Jack, HN 2060 & Jill, HN 2061. Copr 1949. Both measure 5 1/2" H. By the piece x2
121.FC Doughty Royal Worcester fine China months of the year January figurine, #3452. Measures 6 1/2" H
122.Royal Doulton collectors book number 9, issued January 1965
123.Gorgeous antique Oak, columned fireplace mantle with beveled glass mirror, detailed scroll finish. Measures 60 x 84
124.22x25 Egyptian Isfahan wool rug
125.Very nice (8) pc brass fireplace set
126.21x31 Antique Kashan Persian wool rug
127.Brass double Student lamp with rare Caramel shades
128.18x15x25 mahagony, single drawer, spindle end table
129.Unusual brass footed accent lamp
130.Early mahogany stepback end table
131.Very rare 1954 Tom Kelly photograph of Marilyn Monroe, "Golden Dreams" advertising calendar. 9.5" x 15 3/8" and in Exceptional to Mint condition! The finest example we have seen in 35 years! Please inspect at preview to determine condition.
132.Beautiful Gone with the Wind double globe lamp
133.24" round mahogany pie crust table
134.23x32 Antique Persian Kerman wool rug
135.80" custom Ivory 3 cushion, Colonial style sofa
136.(2) burled walnut, 2 drawer, bow front end tables. Selling by the piece x2
137.(2) matching brass lamps with fluted shades
138.22x35 ivory machine made Persian style rug
139.Unique custom Ivory tapestry accent armchair
140.25x33 Antique Persian wool rug
141.60" brass floor lamp with glass table
142.Vintage hunt scene German cuckoo clock with pine cone weights
143."The History of Pharmacy - Carl Wilhelm Scheele" by Robert Thom set in an antique gold leaf frame. 17.5 x 20.5
144.Seth Thomas 76" Tempus Fugit Grandfather clock
145.Early Military Portrait - C. Spencer, oil on canvas. 29x26 overall
146.U.S. Military Academy, West Point. Colorized lithograph by Currier & Ives. F. F. Palmer, DEL set in Antique frame. 19x23 overall
147.Beautiful antique burled mahogany, lyre base gaming table. Pristine condition! 34w x 28h
148.Very large "USS Constitution" unknown artist. oil on canvas. 33x39
149.Santa Maria model ship 18h x 24L
150.USS CONSTITUTION model ship. Has some mast damage but looks to be complete. 24 x 36
151.Hekman marble top and pecan wood foyer table w/ single drawer. 14x42x30
152."Old Ironsides" USS Constitution Lithograph print. 19x23.5 overall
153."Eagle" lithograph print of Coast Guard Sailing ship 21x26.5 overall
154."Man with Hay Wagon", William Meadows (1821-1896) landscape in ornate gold frame. 29x24 overall
155.30x75 Antique Persian Kashan wool rug
156.Amazing wood grain Single drawer, 2 door, Mahogany, glass top buffet. 16x34x35
157."Chrysanthemums" early oil on canvas by N.C. in gold frame with portrait light. 16.5x24 overall
158.30x48 Indo-Kermin Persian style wool rug
159."Cottage with Figures", E. Coleson (English artist) oil on canvas. 27.5x24 overall
160.Very early Landscape picturing Mother and Daughter feeding chickens. Artist signed but cannot make out artist. 20x25 overall
161.(2) matched caned round bottom, spindle back chairs. Selling by the piece x2
162.(2) matched caned paddle bottom, spindle back chairs. Selling by the piece x2
163.Early, turn of the century "School" portrait, oil on canvas
164.Oil on Canvas Castle landscape by Della Valle. 21x25
165.Early Still life oil on canvas. 16x13.5
166."Rose", Virgil Moss still life, oil on board. 12x10 overall
167."Floral Still Life" on art board by unknown artist. 14x12
168.Large Early oil on canvas "Chinese junk" seascape by unknown artist. 32x26 overall
169.Large acrylic on canvas seascape by G. Seekatz in ornate gold frame. 26x46
170.Fantastic Antique "Young Girl" oil on canvas portrait by unknown artist in thick black lacquer frame. 25x19 overall
171.Acrylic on canvas abstract still life by unknown artist. 20x22 overall
172.Very rare 1954 Tom Kelly photograph of Marilyn Monroe, "Golden Dreams" advertising calendar. 9.5" x 15 3/8" and in Exceptional to Mint condition! The finest example we have seen in 35 years! Please inspect at preview to determine condition.
173.2 door, Flip-top rolling fruit wood buffet
174.Painted pine 5 drawer chest of drawers with glass top
175."Old Orthodox Priest" oil on canvas by unknown artist. 26.5x22.5 overall
176.21x17 gold accent mirror
177.Very nice impressionist landscape by unknown artist in gold frame. 21x24 overall
178."Dutch Mother and Daughter" watercolor by H. Collins 26x21 overall
179."City of Quebec 1967" watercolor, artist signed, framed and matted , 21x16 overall
180."Cypress Point, Monterey, Calif" lithograph print by Thomas Moran, 1912, framed and matted. 17x20.5 overall
181.(4) pc ornate outdoor cast iron patio set in grapevine design. Includes loveseat, (2) chairs and table
182."The Chariot of Venus" fantasy Art Nouveau print by Hans Zatzka (1859-1945) 24x51 overall
183."Sweet Dreams of Venus" fantasy Art Nouveau print by Hans Zatzka (1859-1945) Large 24x50 overall
184.Smaller oval marble top end table. 18h x 15w
185.18" spool style wood plant stand/lamp stand
186.(2) matching Statesville Chair Co. custom Cane back tweed armchairs. Includes accent pillows. Selling by the piece x2
187.Beautiful pastel blue, accent arm chair with a gorgeous shadow tapestry fabric. The chair is very well made and sits very comfortably.
188.The Rose Hill Co. burgundy accent armchair with diamond pattern
189.Solid walnut kidney bean end table with bookshelf
190.Porcelain lamp with floral applique
191.Light walnut scallop edge end table with spider leg base
192.Exceptional Walnut pie crust tilt-top table w/ spider leg base
193.Faux leather dark brown ottoman
194.Nice "Starving Artist" oil on canvas landscape, Depicting chalet with mountains in the background. Artist signed, and in ornate frame.
195.Very Large "Psyche before the Throne of Venus" 1895 Victorian print by Henrietta Rae (1859-1928) in black lacquer frame. Print has watermark stamp. 37x48 overall
196.(2) Matched Mid-Century walnut end tables. Selling by the piece x2. 19x26x22
197.(2) matched pair of Phil-Mar/Sandel brass lamps. Selling by the piece x2.
198.Kroehler "Sleep or Lounge" 69" black leather, Mid-Century sleeper sofa
199.39x59 Antique Persian Kashan wool rug
200.39x60 Indo-Persian wool rug
201.Cherry entertainment butler with pull-out shelf and 2 door storage
202.Starving Artist oil on canvas landscape. Artist signed but unknown. 26x34
203.Farms Lamplight oil lamp w/ honeycomb base and Handpainted shade
204.(2) G.T. Collins Victorian "Cigar band" style portraits in matched frames. 25x21. Selling by the piece x2
205.Beautiful carved Victorian, tufted back, pastel blue loveseat/parlor sofa. 67"
206."Dance of the Nymphs" fantasy Art Nouveau print by Hans Zatzka aka H. Zabateri (1859-1945) Large 25.5x52.5 overall
207.(2) "Bathing of the Nymphs" fantasy Art Nouveau prints by Hans Zatzka (1859-1945) in matched frames 21x27 overall. Selling by the piece x2. See all pics
208."Garden Party of Venus & the Cupids " fantasy Art Nouveau print by Hans Zatzka aka H. Zabateri (1859-1945) Large 26.5x53 overall
209.Very desirable Victorian hand-colorized 1912 portrait print by Archie Gunn (1863-1930) 15x11 overall
210.Victorian portrait art print in Antique frame. 22.5x18.5
211.Oil on board still life in ornate gold frame
212.2 tiered mahogany pie crust table. 29" tall
213.Magnificent Landstrom Furniture Co. Mahogany dining room suite, includes 55x42 drop leaf table with (3) 12" leaves (and ALL pads), 6 ladder back chairs and matching serpentine 3 drawer buffet. Table will expand to 7' 7". See all pictures and inspect at Preview!
214.39x26 Mahogany mirror. Will match Dining room suite Lot #213 or can be used with any number of Mahogany bedroom or Dining room sets, or as a entryway mirror.
215.(2) matched B&H brass oil lamps that have been electrified, with matching Yellow milk glass shades
216.(2) Nautical themed, matched frame, art pieces including a Limited edition charcoal print "Sallie L. Bramble" 202/250 by G.S. Hill and a seascape of a majestic Sailing ship. Selling both for one money.
217.2 drawer letter filing cabinet with vinyl wood grain application
218.Simply the nicest Samsonite card table and (4) chairs that we have sold in 30 years. Chairs have padded tweed seats.
219.Nice Full size Maple spindle bed with rails and support slats
220."A Pensive Moment", 1896 Giclee print by Eugen von Blaas (1843-1932) Beautifully framed and matted. 33.5x25 overall
221."Portrait of a Gentleman" oil on board by J. Wurtz 24x20 overall
222."The First Home" by Tyler nautical theme print
223."Mountain Landscape" oil on canvas by G. Whitman 19x23 overall
224."Yellow Tulips" oil on canvas still life. 25x21 overall
225."The Education of Cupid" framed print by Francois Boucher (1703-1770) 27x31 overall
226.Early "Moonlit Church scene" framed and matted print. 23x29 overall
227.Sewing machine cabinet and cane back chair. There is no sewing machine in the cabinet
228.Crosley CR247 Songwriter CD Recorder includes AM/FM Stereo, Turntable, and CD player/recorder with remote control and manuals. Unit is in Like New condition
229.Magnavox Imperial Micromatic console stereo system with AM/FM and turntable. Fantastic sound quality and the turntable works!
230.Vintage throwback Brewster & Stroud green leather, button back arm chair with ottoman
231.Ivory padded vanity seat w/ brass base
232.Ethan Allen American Traditional cherry, single drawer, end table w/ protective glass top
233.Pair of crystal glass table lamps
234.Berne Furniture Co St. James Collection overstuffed tweed arm chair with ottoman in excellent condition.
235.Ethan Allen Dark Cherry single drawer end table w/ protective glass top.
236.Beautiful HEAVY Brass lamp with 8 panel shade
237.Matched pair of custom, light brown tweed, tufted back arm chairs. These chairs are well made and sit very comfortably. Selling by the piece x2 .
238.A group of (3) decorative table lamps. 30" to 34" tall. Selling as a group
239.Group of (3) decorative table lamps. Approx. 28" tall. Selling as a group.
240.A group of (3) decorative table lamps. 26" to 41" tall. Selling as a group
241.Scalloped edge end table 19x24x18
242.Johnson Bros. "English Chippendale" Ironstone dinnerware. Good 5pc service for 10 with accessory pieces. See all pics and inspect at Preview.
243.Nice lot of Souvenir spoons
244.Wooden Conastoga Chuck wagon
245.Nice large lot of lace doilies, lace tablecloths, linen napkins and colorful woven runners
246.4pc gold rimmed Collectible glassware
247.5pc Chinese and Asian theme plates and bowls
248.Lot of misc glassware including a couple of early Handpainted pieces
249.(2) boxes of miscellaneous glass serving pcs, Pyrex and Fire King pudding cups, and more
250.Very nice 3pc porcelain vanity dresser set
251.(6) pcs of Royal Sutherland, Aristocrat, Aynsley and Staffordshire fine porcelain Collectible flowers
252.(9) pcs of Royal Adderley, Golden Crown, Aynsley, Coalport, Radnor, and Stratford fine bone China porcelain Collectible flowers
253.(8) pcs collectible English bone China creamers, sugars and teapot including Rotal Standard, Ellgreave Woods, H&M, Adderley, and Royal Danube
254.(6) English Bone China creamer and sugar sets
255.Misc collectible English Bone China pcs.including a Wood Elgreave teapot
256.Spectacular 97pc Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" English bone China, 7pc service for 12, including accessory pieces and padded storage containers. This is one of the finest, and most complete sets of fine China we have ever offered in 35 years of business!! See all pics and inspect at Preview.
257.Lot of misc Limoges fine China pieces including Haviland and others
258.(6) Bossons Congleton England chalk wall ornaments including Kurd, Persian, (2) Himalayan and (2) Syrian. Selling by the piece x 6
259.(4) Bossons Congleton England chalk wall ornaments including, (2) Rawhide and (2) Rumanian. Selling by the piece x 4
260.(4) Bossons Congleton England chalkware wall ornaments including, Pierre, Chef, Mine Host, and what we believe is a rare brown hat Pierre release. Selling by the piece x 4
261.(4) Seafarer themed figurines
262.Ornate Masonic Free Mason Knights Templar presentation sword by The McLilley & Co. Columbus Ohio. Given to J. Barker Smith, of Youngstown, Ohio, "In Hoc Signo Vinces", Memeneto Mori includes leather and cloth protective sleeve and case. See all pics and inspect at Preview!!!
263.(2) lots of gentleman's Vintage cufflinks and tie tacks
264.(2) pcs of collectible porcelain including Italian Florentine covered dresser dish.
265.McGraw Box Co. cedar box and a smaller Jewelry box
266.Nice lot of pens and mechanical pencils including Parker, Esterbrook, Garland, Autopoint, Sheaffers and others
267.3 drawer Jewelry box full of interesting Vintage cufflinks and tie tacks including a set of Mexico Sterling dice
268.2 smaller decorative vases including a 6 1/4" Eickholt 2003 VCCSN swirl vase
269.27x23 display of over (85) arrowheads believed to be from the Unalachtigo of the Delawares. See all pics and inspect at Preview.
270.(4) pcs of cut and pressed glass
271.Beautiful cut/pressed 9" glass pitcher and 8" vase
272.(4) pcs of cut and pressed glass serving dishes
273.(4) pcs of cut and pressed glass including pedastal ser ingredients bowl, large flower vase, Marquis footed ice bucket w/ tongs, and more
274.(3) pcs etched and wheel cut glass
275.(4) pcs of wheel cut glass including a creamer and sugar set, large square flower vase, and cruet.
276.Very nice depression pedestal cake plate
277.(3) pcs decorative Holland art glass
278.(4) nautical themed prints
279.Nice lot of decorative vases and urns
280.Royal Limited serving chafer and Gorham silverplate Paul Revere bowl
281.Lot including a New Vernco hostess serving set, new and used knives, and #2 flat iron 9" skillet
282.(2) pc Lynx rolling luggage including 32" suitcase and 21" carry-on
283.(2) pc Protege rolling luggage including 30" suitcase and 25" weekender
284.Thermos 3pc travel set with vinyl carrying case
285.Hawthorn 25 cup, 600w, electric percolator
286.Universal electric skillet, kitchen and steak knives and more
287.Large assortment of Community Plate silverware and assorted serving pieces
288.Large assortment of accessory serving and hostess pieces
289.2 boxes of misc barware, hostess accessories and more
290.Nice lot of drafting tools including a complete Made in Germany, B.K. Elliott Co. #1240 20pc professional drafting set
291.Box of miscellaneous Electronics including a Canon Z115 camera, 1957 Chevy VHS tape rewinder and more
292.8 pcs of decorative brass wall art
293.#2 salt glazed jug and bean pot
294.National Washboard Company No. 703 the Zing King lingerie washboard
295.2pc of Garden statuary including St Francis 22" tall
296.Christian Moueix Merlot wood French wine box
297.2 boxes of assorted sewing items including shears, thread, and a host of other good products
298.Excellent set of high quality, Realistic bookshelf speakers
299.Vintage Magnavox 5064 Walnut finish Bookshelf Speakers. A rare find! Don't miss these! 11x16x6
300.Technics SL-PJ11 digital CD player. When this unit was released in 1986, it was THE finest CD player at the time.
301.RCA 4 head VHS tape player with storage case and miscellaneous VHS tapes
302.Sony SLV-KS1 Movietime VHS Recorder/Player with remote. Great for the playroom!
303.Panasonic bookshelf entertainment system that includes AM/FM Receiver, Dual Cassette Deck, Turntable, and EQ/Amp plus a pair of JBL G40 Bookshelf speakers.
304.Vintage Pendleton stadium wool blanket with carry case and ice bucket
305.Beautiful lot of table coverings and table runners and a bot of miscellaneous fabric. Please see all pics
306.3 boxes of lace and linen place mats and napkins including some doilies
307.2 boxes of early placemats and napkins including 5 old fashioned Huck dishtowels
308.2 boxes of vintage napkins and tablecloths
309.2 formal table cloths including one with Matching napkins
310.Clear storage tub containing large assortment of cloth and linen napkins in various patterns and lace tablecloths in various sizes
311.Clear storage tub containing large assortment of cloth and linen napkins in various patterns and various sizes
312.Chenille bedspread and yellow blanket
313.Large lot of Vintage linens including tablecloths and napkins and some aprons
314.(2) Commemorative metal art pieces including a Wendell August Forge "Cleveland" and an Alcola "Aluminum Company of America"
315.(8) leather placemats and a Kensington brushed aluminum champagne ice bucket
316.Box of throw pillows and seat cushions
317.Whirlpool Gold dehumidifier
318.Frigidaire dehumidifier
319.3 graduated candle stands 10" 12" 14"
320.2 Jim Beam Regal China Collectible bottle urns
321.Wood calendar in box
322.2 Electronic toys Including robotic spider and UFO remote control flying saucer
323.2 boxes of assorted glassware and decorative candle displays, including 2 Hoosier glass vases
324.(8) assorted framed art pieces
325.(7) Framed collectible car photos and pictures
326.(5) Harbor and Nautical themed framed prints
327.A very large assortment of unframed prints, many depicting scenes of early American History including (11) by the American Oil Company, (4) C. Kemper prints, (2) Currier & Ives (2) The Oaks and (2) Ad for Pierce Arrow. See all pics and inspect at Preview.
328.Nice assortment of miscellaneous unframed portfolio artwork
329.1975 3M issue (6) John Falter "From Sea to Shining Sea" prints depicting Early Americana
330.(4) miscellaneous lamps including a green globe oil lamp
331.Super Deluxe 3 spd Oscillating fan
332.Lasko portable electric heater
333.(4) Heavy vinyl aluminum frame folding camp chairs Home - Online Auctions - Registration
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