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BIDDING CLOSED! Complete Contents from Meridian Rd. Home, Youngstown, OH - Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 Begins Closing at 7:30pm (3 items per minute)

Item Description
ITEM.BEFORE BIDDING! Make Sure that your card on file will accept the charges at the end of the auction. Go to SUPPORT, UPDATE PROFILE. All cards charged IMMEDIATELY at the end of the auction.
1.Empire Furniture Company 45" round dining table with three additional leaves for expansion, six padded T back chairs, three drawer side server on casters with key (48" W)
2.Community silverplate serving set in chest
3.20" round wall hanging beveled mirror with star accents
4.Oak Eastlake spoon carved china cupboard on casters. Dovetail drawer finish. Measures 37w x 16d x 77h
5.Pine two door storage cabinet, measures 30w x 15d x 60h
6.Schwinn XR-8 stationary bike and ab machine
7.Brushed metal floor lamp with white shade, 61" H
8.Mission style oak slat back rocking chair
9.Vintage pink button back goose neck rocking chair
10.Antique Valley Furniture Company St Louis Missouri armoire on casters. Key included. Nice beveled mirror accent. Measures 44w x 21d x 69h
11.Floral stencilled twin bed with matress, includes multi square quilt
12.Early oak curved glass china cupboard Empire style on casters, key included. Measures 42w x 16d x 64h
13.Oak dresser with mirror, scroll carved top accent. Measures 43w x 20d x 75h
14.Two scales including one by Counselor
15.Brushed metal floor lamp with white shade, 61" H
16.Pair La Z Boy blue recliners
17.32" round wood table with metal legs
18.White and brown table lamp with white shade. Also includes wood painted black plant stand, 15" H
19.Springfield Furniture Works coffee table (51w x 20d x 15h) and end table (20w x 28d x 20h)
20.Floral pattern sofa, 93" W
21.Zenith AM/FM console stereo with turn table, measures 54w x 17d x 26h
22.The Stiffel Company pair of figural lamps with gold accent, 27" H
23.Sliding door storage cabinet with glass top, measures 32w x 18d x 31h
24.Sony 27" flat panel television, model KV - 27FS100L
25.Dark pine record cabinet, measures 32w x 21d x 32h
26.Hoover convertible vacuum cleaner and broom
27.Lot of books including national parks, wildlife, woodworking, Iron Will. Located in living room
28.American Annuals from the 60s, Popular Science 10 set volume, Science Supplement, Encyclopedia Americana set. Located in living room
29.Mixed wood small china cabinet with hand carved design, 24w x 13d x 40h
30.Hamilton Beach automatic roaster oven on Sauder style utility cart on casters (one door needs repair)
31.Verichron quartz battery operated wall clock
32.Lot sleigh bells
33.Military soap holder, York 2# hand weight, funnel, lighter fluid bottles
34.Wood carved decorations
35.Miniature ceramic and wood horses, mini collector cups and plates
36.Enarco blue creamer & sugar, salt & pepper, Wilton decorating bags, decorative tea cups, story of the airship book, slide rule guide book. 2 boxes
37.Tootsie Toy truck, matchbox car, light yo yo, Hershey's magnet, Dalmatian, bride bingo
38.Wood merry go round, Christmas lights and plate, cloth ribbon, wood spoon
39.Dr Comfort Lindsey white shoes size 9, iron, lightbulbs, shoe laces, vacuum bags
40.Kodak camera, Texas Instruments TI-5032 calculator, Bentley portable TV, GE alarm clock
41.Sears insta blend blender, toaster, GE hand mixer, napkin holder, Miramar of California lazy susan (missing one piece)
42.Brass shield with two swords wall art
43.Glass pitcher, mason jar mugs, tumblers, coffee cups, gadget caddy, tea jug with spout, kitchen hand gadgets. 2 boxes
44.Two boxes plates, bowls, platters, glasses, coffee mugs, pyrex bowls
45.Collector tins and step stool
46.Lexington punch bowl with 8 cups
47.New Royal Safari typewriter in case. Very clean condition
48.Vintage Underwood typewriter
49.Kodak cavalcade projector with golden Challenger projection screen
50.Two pieces American tourister tiara luggage
51.Wood cut out silhouette decorations
52.Aluminum framed rocking glider with side chair, side chair cushion is torn
53.Cobalt blue Shirley Temple pitcher, expo 67 plate, Happy Appy valley horse coffee mug
54.Josef Original May figurine, Lefton figurines, Delf pitcher, ruby red vases
55.Lots of 10 figurines, many made in Japan
56.Frosted oil lamp with etched shade, 19" H
57.Ohio license plates from the sixties and seventies, two boxes
58.Sunbeam Mixmaster
59.Stainless knife set in Wood block
60.Assorted vintage pipes with stand
61.Cast iron ship, stallion marked White, dagger, Derringer replica pistol, copper coin
62.Glass Scurlock Kontanerette 22oz covered triangular container
63.Large Designer Group White Dover Ironstone china set, 7 piece place settings with service for 12 with extra pieces. Includes soup tureen, covered dishes, coffee and teapot, serving platters and bowls, gravy boats, butter dishes, creamer and sugars, salt and pepper shakers. Inspect at preview
64.Blankets, towels, table cloth, crochet pillows
65.Two Vintage dough boards
66.Three boxes record albums, some big band, country western, polkas, square dancing and others
67.Lot 45 records including Jimmy Dean, happy birthday, chipmunks, Bobby Helms and others
68.Vintage books including Tim Tyler, Robinson Crusoe, Changed Brides, Book of Knowledge. Inspect at preview for condition (3 boxes)
69.Vases, apple jar, solar daisy, peace & angel decorations
70.Two child quilts, red & white block(53x41) and multi square(53x42)
71.Lot blankets and throws
72.Fashion purses, portable hair dryer
73.Three log baskets, one brass
74.Lighted Rose theme clock(18"w) and get organized wall hanging sign
75.Aluminum frame rocking sofa with floral cushion, 80" w
76.Vintage 1940's Glasbake 104 Tea Kettle/Teapot 10 cup, with rare yellow Bakelite handle and milkglass base. All appears to be in excellent condition.
77.Maple end table, 15w x 24d x 21h
78.Etched and silver table lamp with white hobnail shade, 20" H
79.Dark wood two door record cabinet, 21w x 24d x 27h
80.Home Sweet Home needlepoint art in ornate frame, 10 x 22
81.Metal birdcage
82.Kirby vacuum, ironing board, bucket with mop & broom, paper banquet roll
83.Mahogany chest of drawers on casters with detailed finish. Measures 31W X 17d X 54 h. Located in basement
84.Lighted primitive tin pie safe base cabinet painted white, measures 38w x 17d x 71h. Located in basement
85.Contents of basement shelf including Christmas tree, welders mask, 8mm projector, flower pots, ice packs, apex vacuum, film reels, baking tins, canning jars and more
86.Vintage little brown ice chest and floor fan
87.Two-door base cabinet with formica top, measures 40w X 25d x 33h. Located in basement
88.Large wicker basket, artwork, curtain stretcher, homemade work block and miscellaneous wood
89.DP fit for life exercise machine, located in basement
90.Wood framed wall hanging mirror (29x21) and small light
91.Approximately 90x180 indoor outdoor green turf carpet
92.Contents four basement shelves including hardware, nuts and bolts, fire extinguisher, tape, Auto mirror.
93.Contents bench top and shelf, chisels, drill bits, hardware, part caddies, Never Seez
94.Contents of pegboard including zip ties, square, hammer battery cable, wire, lock, organizer with hardware
95.Contents of pegboard including screwdrivers, soldering gun, scraper, pliers, wrenches, draw saw, t-square
96.Three drawers of assorted hardware, located in basement
97.Contents of cabinet including wire and punches
98.Three drawer work chest with miscellaneous wood boxes and Norelco heater
99.Contents of corner including copper wire, miscellaneous wood, hardware, steel wool, electrical, hard hat, Zep model 105 dispenser
100.Small Wilton table vise, bring own tools to remove from bench
101.Federal cold pack canner and utility pot
102.Two enamel canners with lids
103.American family scale and Gibson Defrosta Jar
104.Ice cream makers, grinder, pressure cooker
105.Lighted snowman & pumpkin, 14" H
106.Contents of basement cabinet including light shades, emulsa bond, Christmas lights, steel wool, car horn
107.Contents of basement corner including lamps, wood table, wire, copper, electrical components
108.Ping pong table with net and two paddles. Also carpeted board to use as a table. Recently disassembled for easy removal from basement
109.Group of assorted throw rugs and two slatback chairs
110.Carocelle portable dishwasher
111.World Wide parts and service lighted clock, approximately 12 x 24 (untested)
112.Lot of assorted canning jars on shelf in basement. All for one bid
113.Contents of basement shelf including plastic ware, jars, sink strainer, plastic buckets, electric motor, trophies, projection screens
114.Brooms, mop, work coveralls, jackets
115.Four boxes assorted size canning jars some with lids
116.Adjustable over the toilet bathroom rack, bath hamper and basket
117.Solid concrete hand lawn roller
118.Mac 3 drawer tool box on casters with three drawer center stack box with White stack on 11 drawer box and side box
119.15 storage boxes with assorted hardware
120.Four drawer storage chest with assorted nuts, bolts and miscellaneous hardware
121.Black & Decker 3/4" standard drill, 110V, 6amp
122.Contents of workbench corner including chisel, square, wire, lock, hardware
123.Contents of tools on pegboard including screwdrivers, wire strippers, pressure gauge, pliers
124.Four large Cornwell USA combination wrenches include 1 and 7/16, 1 and 3/8, 1 and 1/2, 1 and 5/8
125.Bushing driver set, drill bits, box wrenches, sockets, nut driver, hacksaw blades
126.Group of assorted size punches and chisels
127.Chisels, wire brushes, battery terminal cleaner
128.Box and combination wrenches by Mac, Craftsman and Cornwell. SAE
129.Two boxes assorted screwdrivers
130.Two boxes wrenches, Allen keys, drill bits, sanding stones, GM code reader
131.Wire strippers and pliers
132.Colombian b45-m4 bench vise. Bring own tools to remove
133.Contents of pegboard including screwdrivers, oil wrenches, whisk broom, cutting shears, wire, door knocker, shop light
134.Edelman & Co. Organizer with assorted hardware
135.36" W shelf with 7 metal boxes oh hardware
136.Metal weight, car club, trophies, metal spikes
137.Boston KS pencil sharpener
138.Two storage organizes full brass fittings
139.Two storage organizes full brass fittings
140.Folding aluminum step ladder
141.Toolkraft table saw, model 815A12
142.Contents of pegboard including tire iron, pop rivet gun, nut drivers, brushes, wrench, light, nails, funnel
143.Volvo white advertising sign clock, approximately 36" w. Includes Big 4 sign
144.Lot assorted wire , sign not included. Sold with lot 143
145.4 nylon patio chairs, one is a lounger
146.Mechanics creeper and scoot seat on castors.
147.Contents garage corner shelf including wire, organizer, bottles, screen, hardware, wood stakes, gutter protection, sandpaper, car parts, bungee cords
148.Contents of garage shelf including motors, headlight, Dutch boy oil, basket, wire, can angle rpm tester
149.Babcock 6' wood ladder
150.Metal wall shelf with storage organizers, some with miscellaneous hardware
151.Five wood storage boxes with contents including fuel tank, burlap bags, Hudson sprayer, wire, headlamp, travel bag
152.Contents of garage pegboard including aluminum dolly, scaffolding, bungee cord, extension cord, wind chime, load lock, empty Freon 12 canisters, vacuum hose
153.Six empty storage containers
154.Heavy duty lug all come along
155.Bell system 80-in wire hook
156.Lot of brooms, rakes, snow shovel
157.Contents of pegboard including bungee cords, chain, raincoat, weed wizard nylon blades, lambskin seat cover, wood boxes, extension cords
158.Suncoast hose caddy with hose
159.Lot of mixed wire
160.Climbing rope with block and tackle
161.Group extension cord, wire, shop light
162.Rope and extension cords
163.Large lot Halloween and Christmas decorations, tree in box
164.Lot of air hoses and box of weather stripping
165.Eleven pipe wrenches, some by Rigid. Up to 24"
166.Lot of assorted brooms
167.68" gold floor lamp and wood plant stand
168.Vintage GE multi speed floor fan, 40" H
169.10' wood A frame step ladder
170.4 shovels including two scoop
171.Large mattock & small pick axe, large pry bar
172.Genuine Cummins parts tin advertising sign, approximately 24 x 19
173.Post hole digger, pitchfork, hoe, snow shovel
174.Saws, hedge trimmer, 2 maddox's
175.White stool and red step stool
176.Contents of pegboard including pruners, small garden rakes, tape dispenser, scoop shovel, fire extinguisher, clip boards
177.Lot of gardening supplies, electric trimmer and garden stone
178.Contents of garage corner including hand pump, mop and bucket, brushes, sponges, cleaners
179.Hein Werner 55", 1.5 ton bumper jack
180.Cooper Klipper 20" reel mower with bag, 2.5 Briggs & Stratton engine
181.Scotts model 75-3 lawn spreader
182.Sunbeam charcoal grill with electric charcoal lighter
183.5 ft redwood folding picnic table with two folding benches
184.Proto 4021 puller set and 14 piece mini slide puller set
185.Three hand saws
186.Two boxes assorted screwdrivers
187.Axe, hand saws, clamps
188.Pittsburgh crows foot wrenches, SAE and two screwdriver holders
189.Auto safety triangles and replacement bulbs, tire pressure check stick
190.Group assorted size C clamps
191.Two boxes tools including screwdrivers, nut driver, sockets, pliers, wrenches, hand drill
192.Alemite grease gun, wrenches, mallet, oil can, flashlight, dremel kit, timing gun
193.Assorted drill bits and coyne electrical troubleshooting manual
194.Retro blue and white formica top table, measures 48 in w
195.Group of decanters
196.Two boxes hardback books, many Readers digest
197.Zenith Cobra matic vintage record player on stand
198.Metal and wood plant stand, wood end table, with box of American flag, lucky stones and planters
199.Stanley number 313 level, speakers, air compressor, pencil sharpener
200.Group assorted drill bits
201.Two pry bars
202.General electric double grinder with shop light
203.Dremel scroll saw, model 57-2
204.Prentiss Bulldog 522 table vise
205.Wood car, wall plaques, 1946 hunting license, gloves, baskets, ashtrays, artwork. Three boxes
206.Two doll chairs, memory game, Mr potato head, frisbee, blocks
207.8' painted red wood folding table, no contents included
208.Pair Montgomery Ward jack stands
209.Standard Oil Company fuel can
210.Step two garden caddy
211.Marble based ceramic floral lamp and wood bookcase, measures 28 w x 15 d x 33 h
212.Wood adjustable ladder, 18 working feet (two 10' sections), located in garage rafters
213.Three cardboard storage files and 16' metal pipe with home made pulley rig
214.Three-piece single locker unit, overall measures 36 w x 20 d X 78 h
215.Contents of pegboard including wire and rope
216.Metal workbench (4' W) with contents including auto parts, barrel, flower pots. Wire not included, sold with lot 215
217.Large 24-in round flower pot on mechanics creeper
218.36x84 metal shelf with contents
219.Metal wall shelf with multiple storage compartments, measures 40 x 56. Bring proper tools to remove from wall
220.Pair heavy duty jack stands
221.Metal shelf with contents including Auto parts, storage organizer, small shelf, scale, bowling balls. Shelf measures 36 x 84
222.Contents of shelf including general purpose cleaner, toolbox, driveway heat, paint sprayers, desktop organizer with hardware, car parts, hardware, metal stands
223.Three 36x84 metal shelves with contents including lights portable seats, scrap aluminum, car parts, screen
224.40-in Santa's sleigh with box of Christmas lights
225.42 x 75 metal shelf with contents, wooden box and wood office chair
226.Hoover vacuum, homemade Shop-Vac and floor scrubber
227.Six pieces 6 ft metal railing
228.Three Snap On collector calenders
229.Two homemade workstations, measure 24 and 28 in H
230.Four the metal folding chairs & one snack tray
231.Four adjustable trailer load locks, located garage rafter
232.Contents of shed including wheelbarrow, shovel, wood, door frame, sprayer and more. Inspect at preview to find additional treasures
233.Decorative floor mats in breezeway including workshop, happy holidays, home is where the heart is Home - Online Auctions - Registration
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