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Category: COLLECTIBLES (82 records) Archive: BIDDING CLOSED Furniture, Vintage Toys, Decor, Collectibles, Dinnerware, Sterling! Youngstown, OH 44511 - Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 Beginning at 7pm at 3 items per minute
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Item Description Price
2973 pc Johnson Bros England Franciscan Apple china, serving/8 plus extras 45.03
31Japan fine China, Empress by Crown Victoria Collection, ser/8, only 1 cup, accessory pcs. 1.00
39International and Holland pewter 12.00
83Spirit of '76 framed banner  
95No 4 salt glazed crock 12.00
96Salt glazed jug and pot with lid 20.00
97(4) 12" wood C-clamps 13.00
98DeVry Corp vintage projector, 2 Charlie Chaplin and 1 Mickey Mouse films 90.00
99Gold Key comics and collectible magazines 6.00
100Walkers Deluxe Bourbon thermometer/barimeter, Hiram Walker Gin and Canadian Club inflatables, Jim Beam tin plus box of bottle caps 17.00
101Craft stick projects, Mickey Mouse, magic 8 ball, Pillsbury doughboy 7.00
102The world of Barbie doll case with contents, Barbie's pool party and Stacey doll case with contents 8.75
103Barbie and other toys including dream boat & van 6.50
154Hall Jewel Tea pitcher and platter 9.03
15516in Squirt wood pop crate 17.00
156Group including American Family 25 lb scale, Pig cutting board, vintage kitchen, more 14.00
157Wood cutting board with group of shot glasses 5.50
158Box of kitchenware including electric knife, kitchen utensils, flatware 5.00
159well made porcelain top vintage metal kitchen cabinet.25 x 40 x 36. Include remaining content 20.00
160Universal number 72 table Mount grinder 2.50
161Collection of ceramic Roosters 6.03
162Two boxes of kitchen and bar collectibles 4.03
163Pair of vintage hot dog roasting sticks 4.50
164Group of Erector set parts 15.10
165Bar shaker full of vintage marbles 15.50
166Vintage metal ammo box with reload shotgun shells 12.00
167Cutting boards and kitchen knives and collectibles 1.50
168Early cabbage slaw cutter 22.51
169Group of vintage cookie cutters, metal and plastic 1.00
170Group of cake decorating, cookie cutters, molds 1.00
171Terracotta rooster planter 6.59
1726.5 in early glazed unsigned planter, Bowl marked F 2.00
17316in Apple wood cutting board, clothes pins, assorted baskets 1.00
174Vintage wood Holly soda crate 18.00
175Group of Coleman and igloo coolers 6.00
1766 and 7 in pink McCoy planters, clean 20.00
178Large group of cookie cutter, jello molds, more 1.50
179kitchen collectibles including hot plates, Tupperware salt and pepper, corn on Cobb handles, jar opener, cast iron stove, Avon 2.03
180Ceramic Kingwood USA imported Royal Canadian whiskey 6 in pitcher 2.00
181Courier & Ives grist mill ceramic dinnerware with chips, Canadian Club whiskey glasses Canadian mist Rick's glasses 11.55
183Mid modern 10 inch Art glass bowl, Avon, Canadian Club ashtrays, Best Western ashtray 5.00
18510 x 13 Land O Lakes sweet cream butter metal Tray and other 3.00
187clothes pin hangers with many wood clothes pins 4.00
195Group of assorted board games, handyman books, more 4.00
196Large group of hardback books 1.00
197Over 30 College football programs, Sports Illustrated, other magazines. Some autographs 27.50
198Group of hard back and Children's books 1.00
199Group of games and puzzle 4.00
200Group of 6 Budweiser collectible steins 41.99
201Group of collectible mugs, brass cannon, more 7.03

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