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BIDDING CLOSED! Boardman Schools Metal Shop Equipment, Welders, Tools, Office Equipment! Boardman, OH - Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 Bidding Begins Closing at 6:30pm at 3 items per minute

Item Description
1.Lincoln Power Mig 255 electric welder with leads and gauges
2.Lincoln Power Mig 255XT electric welder with leads and gauges
3.Lincoln Wirematic 255 electric welder with leads and gauges
4.Miller Millermatic 250x cv DC welding power source wire feeder electric welder with leads and gauges
5.Lincoln Pro Cut 60 electric plasma cutting system with leads
6.Miller Dialarc 250P ac/DC electric welder with leads on cart
7.Miller XMT 300 cc/CV DC inverter arc welder with auto link. Includes lead and s-22a constant speed wire feeder on cart
8.Linde Heliarc 250HF electric welder with leads
9.Miller 88P industria electricl arc welder with lead
10.Linde Ltec double stack 250STK ac/DC electric welder with leads
11.460V hydraulic angle iron shear. Cuts approximately 2.5 x 2.5 in angle iron
12.Lincoln 115v Idealarc SP100 portable arc welder with gauge and lead
13.36 x 96 x 34 h feel shot table with two Colombian 4" jaw vises. Welder not included
14.2" capacity hydraulic tubing bender with 115v - 230v electric power source and cabinet of accessories included
15.Scroll light duty tubing bender
16.Marvel b model 916 s metal band saw. 9" x 16" cut. 2hp 220v includes 10' x 16" roller table and extra blade
17.portable adjustable height roller table 29-48" height 12"w
18.Airlift upright aluminum compressed air powered scaffold hoist up to 28' high. 250lb capacity one man. Includes outriggers
19.Group of six chipping hammers
20.Group of six chipping hammers
21.Group of four metal hacksaws, Lenox and others
22.Hermes tabletop plastic shear, 12in
23.Box of 3" wire wheels, 3/8 to 1/2 in center holes
24.Jackson welding helmets, group of four
25.Jackson welding helmets, group of four
26.Jackson welding helmets, group of four
27.Adjustable height metal shop stool
28.Adjustable height metal shop stool
29.Adjustable height metal shop stool
30.Steel shop built stool 32" h
31.Lincoln Idealarc R3R 300 DC arc welder with leads. 3ph. 220 440v
32.Group of three 12" Lenox metal hack saws
33.Group of four 4" vise grip clamps
34.Group of three 4" vise grip clamps
35.Group of two adjustable vice grip clamps 10" and 16"
36.Group of assorted squares
37.Two-piece banding and crimping tools
38.Group of three adjustable block clamps
39.Miller 115 volt portable LMSV52 HG6 spot welder
40.Group including air sander, Bosch 1587vs, electric disc sander
41.Group of drafting tools
42.Large 3 tier AV cart 30 x 30 x 54h
43.Six drawer metal cabinet 24 x 30 x 30 2h
44.30 x 60 metal double pedestal desk
45.Welder dolly only with tank Mount will hold a 22 x 26 unit
46.Stainless steel floor mount handrail 36"h x 14' long
47.Stainless steel cafeteria line 2 piece 14' total length with built in 4 unit electric steam table tier and with 14' guard. Already removed from service for easy loading
48.Group of two metal working table 39w x 105 x 41h and large rack
49.Lincoln Idealarc R3R 300 DC arc welder with leads. 3ph. 220 440v
50.Lincoln Idealarc R3R 300 DC arc welder with leads. 3ph. 220 440v
51.(2) Lincoln Idealarc R3R 300 DC arc welders with 2 sets leads. 3ph. 220 440v. Sell as a single group
52.36 x 36 x 34h burning table with stones and torch, include gauges on wall
53.36 x 36 x 34h burning table with stones and torch, include gauges on wall
54.36 x 36 x 34h burning table with stones and torch, include gauges on wall
55.36 x 36 x 34h burning table with stones and torch, no gauges
56.36 x 36 x 34h burning table with stones and torch, include gauges on wall
57.36 x 28 x 34h burning table with stones
58.36 x 28 x 34h burning table with stones
59.36 x 28 x 34h burning table with stones
60.36 x 36 x 34h burning table with stones
61.Grizzly drilling in milling machine g1005:12 speed 115 volt with adjustable table
62.Clausing adj. Speed 208-230 volt 1.5hp 3ph drill press with extra bits
63.Vulcan 19" anvil on stand
64.Harris Burning torch with gauges
65.Harris Burning torch with gauges
66.Harris welding torch with gauges
67.Baldor 10" 3hp 3ph double arbor grinder on stand
68.Lincoln AC DC 225 arc welder 230v with lead
69.Lincoln AC 225 arc welder 230v with lead
70.36 x 96 metal shop table with divider and tier including 2 Colombian 4 in jaw vises. No other contents included
71.Baldor 1216w 10" 3hp 3ph 208-220v double arbor grinder on stand
72.Hobart Copper wire feed BR6 s300608-002. Full rolls x2 60lb each
73.Esab Copper wire feed spoolarc 10d2f05 Full rolls x2 44lb each
74.Esab Copper wire feed spoolarc 10d2f07 Full roll 44lb
75.Crown alloys small roll stainless steel wire feed 13 lb
76.Radnor E6013 3/32 welding rod. All mostly full. X5
77.42 x 46 x 36h burning table with stones. Notcher not included
78.Whitney Jenson model 455 metal bending press and notcher
79.Adjustable height metal shop stool
80.Adjustable height metal shop stool
81.Adjustable height metal shop stool
82.Large group of new torch strikers with extra Flint
83.Murex 611c welding rod 2 full, 1 3/4 full
84.Half box and full tube 7018 welding rod
85.Large group of 36" assorted welding rod and wire to include 17 new and partial
86.Baldor 1ph. 115v 2" belt sander
87.Aluminum 90° fit up clamp group of 6
88.Aluminum 90° fit up clamp group of 4 plus dual vise clamps
89.Dies, die holder, punch, etc
91.38 x 46 mobile heavy duty metal work table. Content not included
92.Colombian shop table mount vice 4in jaws
93.Colombian shop table mount vice 4in jaws
94.Colombian shop table mount vice 4in jaws
95.Colombian shop table mount vice 4in jaws
96.Yost Mfg. 4 inch table mount shop vise, new
97.Reed 3in table mount shop vise
98.Colombian 4in table mount shop vise
99.Colombian 4in table mount shop vise
100.2 crates of assorted leather welding gloves
101.Three pair shop coveralls, medium
102.Group 7 pair welding goggles
103.Pair vintage welding helmets
104.Group of four welding helmets
105.48 inch heavy metal shelving unit with contents
106.Needs repaired, Snapper Z1803K, Z4802M deck, zero-turn mower with Kohler Magnum 18hp gas engine includes bagger
107.Miller resistance spot welder model MPS 10AFT, 230v single phase, air operated with foot pedal control
108.Miller LMSW 230 volt portable spot welding machine on floor stand
109.Reed Prentice sliding gear head metal lathe. 18" throw. 48 inch between chuck and spindle. 3phase
110.Bridgeport 143756 milling machine. 3 axis, dual head with shaper, 3ph. 1.5hp
111.Gorton 8 1/2D milling machine, 3ph, 1.5hp
112.Bridgeport milling machine. Single head with shaper, 3ph. 1hp
113.Wells Index 747 single head milling machine 1.5 hp, 3ph
114.K.O. Lee S718H surface grinder with magnetic chuck, 3ph., With fluid pump
115.Delta Rockwell surface dry grinder with Browne and Sharp magnetic chuck, 3ph
116.Powernatic Mod. 87 bandsaw with 19" throat, 6" depth. 3ph
117.Challenge Machinery 48" x 96" x 6" layout table. On 36" adjustable height base
118.South Bend Turn-nado 17" C1 170 metal lathe with adjustable table, 3ph, 460v
119.Nardini MS1440E 400rpm metal lathe 14" throw, 3ph, 460v. Mascote bed
120.Powermatic Logan Model 6560 L00H metal lathe. 14" throw, 3ph, 5hp, 460v
121.Powermatic Logan Model 6565D4H metal lathe. 14" throw, 3ph, 5hp, 460v
122.Powermatic Logan Model 6565D4H metal lathe. 14" throw, 3ph, 5hp, 460v
123.Powermatic Logan Model 1120004-L00H metal lathe. 12" throw, 3ph, 2hp, 460v
124.Delta 7" double arbor grinder on floor stand, .5 hp 115 volt
125.Delta 7" double arbor grinder on floor stand, .5 hp 115 volt
126.Rockwell m85 double arbor grinder with wire and buffing wheel on floor stand. 115v, .5 hp
127.1-4" lathe collars on stand
128.Rockwell Delta 70-6x0 20in drill press. 220v
129.Walker Turner 20" 220v drill press
130.Plasma Cam mod. DHG2 60 x 60 computer controlled plasma cutter
131.JDS Airtech 2000 hi efficiency air filtration system, 115 volt
132.Forte band saw with 22" x 8' roller table
133.Ritter Manufacturing model R10 1 1/4 , 230v, 3ph, shaper with 115v Woodtek 1hp power feed with extra shaper heads
134.Rockwell Model 43-361 Heavy duty wood shaper.
135.Lincoln Idealarc Pulse Power 500 amp DC arc welder with leads with Magnum SG control module and wire feed
136.Reid Precision surface grinder, 460v, 3ph, 1hp work Ceramac magnetic chuck and fluid pump
137.Dake 4M2 manual arbor press
138.1971 Pexto model 137-L 36" shear with foot control
139.DeWalt DW735 13 x 6" power planer in box
140.Shop-vac hang up pro wet dry vac 4.5 Peak horsepower
141.Adjustable height metal shop stool
142.Adjustable height metal shop stool
143.Adjustable height metal shop stool
144.27" fixed height metal shop stools x2
145.24in fixed height metal shop stool
146.Milwaukee heavy duty sander grinder
147.Milwaukee heavy duty 1/2" drill
148.Black and Decker heavy duty sander, grinder and black and Decker half inch drill
149.Group of hand tools including Sanders, jigsaw, drill
150.Group of sanding discs and deburring tools
151.Ideal tools 7000 RPM grinder
152.Large box of files, rasps, wire brushes
153.Box of letter punches and ballpene mallet heads
154.Group of machinist blocking and clamps
155.Large group of starrett and Lufkin machinist tools
156.Brown and sharpe precision vernier capilers
157.Group of machinist tools including tap die, dial indicators, punch
158.Columbia tap and die set in case
159.7 in grinding wheels and 7 to 10 in buffing pads of six SAIT vetrified type 1 7 x 1 x 1 bench grinder wheel
161.Large box of milling files, many brand new
162.Box of lathe handles, open and wrenches through 2 3/16
163.Large group of Bridgeport collets and drill bits
164.Owatonna tool company display with assorted Pullers
165.Assorted Chuan micrometers In wood case
166.Carborundum abrasive product display
167.Box of large drill bit
168.Box of medium size drill bits and Multi flute and milling bits
169.Index of milling bits
170.Large Sargent Welch micrometer display 33" metal and cardboard
171.Group of new 6 inch x1 in medium grit abrasive grinding wheels
172.Group of milling bits
173.Stage 2 wedge and piston type quick change tool post sets, 3 complete sets. New
174.Group of machinist pullers, Bits, gauges, more
175.Group of Riveting tools and punches
176.Pexto model 622E, 24 ga. Capacity table mount rollers
177.Group of compasses, gauges, Pullers, milling bit, files
178.Box of rollers and lathe tools
179.Heinrich 8 in machine vise
180.Group of 7 machinery tools
181.Small box of miniature machinist block
182.Group of 2.5 to 4 in machinist vises
183.die sets and handles
184.Drill doctor sharpener
185.Box of 10 5x 1/4 inch x 7/8 inch grinding discs
186.Large box of spindle collars
187.6 x 10 adjustable machinist tabletop table, 8" machinest vise, enco #1 press, and ez tapper
188.Group of machinist tools including calipers, compass, levels, lathe tools, t handled ball drivers, more
189.Box of center punches, drill bits, Tap Die sets
190.Whitney number 29 metal tool press
191.Breast drill
192.Two 50" metal racks with contents
193.23 x 29 x 33 h metal cabinet, no contents
194.New Wilton 4.5 in utility vise in box
195.Group of 5c and other collets, also Bridgeport machine tool in case
196.28 x 20 x 36h metal parts cabinet
197.36 x 63 two-door cabinet, metal
198.Lathe part and gears
199.Group of collets
200.Welding helmet, wire, plastic toolbox
201.Group of machinist tools including calipers, micrometer, taps, Mill bits
202.27 in machinist chest, drawers empty
203.Craftsman 27 in machinist chest with drill bits in center drawer
204.Contents of base cabinet including machine woodworking textbooks, etc
205.Bridgeport textron 12 rotary table
206.Large group of assorted lathe collars and chucks
207.Large group of Collets
208.3 large cans wd-40
209.Tool Tray with cutting oils
210.Can tray wd-40 cutting oils
211.36-in paper roll rack
212.Three crates drill press bits and chucks
213.Three boxes machine blocks and parts
214.Group of assorted sanding discs and wheels
215.Large box of new milling bits and Chucks
216.Large group of r8 and 5c collets, Chuck keys, more
217.Group of three type-c 5c collet fixture. New in box
218.Group of Lenox 12ft bandsaw blades, New. Plus to other groups. See photos
219.Group of Eastwood powder coating
220.Rockwell one horsepower electric motor 208 volt
221.Miscellaneous under counter items including gas cans, hardware, more
222.Milling bit index, with wall mount
223.Large lot of cutting oil and lubrication
224.Adjustable height metal shop stool
225.Group of multi flute and tin end Mills, new!
226.Group of new carbide drills, center punches, counter sinks, more
227.Group of new end Mills and key stock
228.Group of vise grip clamps, files with index, machinist gauges, drill bits, more
229.3 DeWalt electric drills
230.18 x 24 tabletop layout table
231.Box and paper and standing belt
232.48 x 60 plate steel, 2pc.
233.Seven pieces assorted plates steel. Each approximately 48 x 48
234.HP design jet 500 printer on stand, untested
235.Assorted 17 and 19 in computer monitors
236.New Jackson welding helmet X5
237.Western line station gas valve with cap
238.Power cat model 400ha heater accessory with box
239.Bosch security cameras, group of 12
240.Digital LA 400 multi printer, dot Matrix on stand
241.5 ft cord concealers
242.Three assorted slide projectors, untested
243.Three assorted video projector untested
244.2 Dukane micromatic ii slide viewer with cassette tape
245.Bell & Howell Filmosound video projector
246.Laser and inkjet printer, un tested
247.Pair of LaserJet printer, un tested
248.Interwrite and Dymo interactive writing Pads
249.large lot of computer parts including fans, power supplies, cooling blocks, circuit boards, cabling
250.Box of hard drive and CD RW DVD ROM players
251.Computer parts and UPS units
252.Manfrotto 501 tripod stand in bag
253.Group of Benro tripod bags and camera cases
254.Zoom r16 digital mixer, audio distributors and amplifiers
255.Assorted dynamic handheld mics, Shure T2 transmitters, video converters and more
256.Glide gear reflector hood and Lowell Tota light
257.Tabletop organizers and furniture leg caps
258.Bosch router and dewalt drill, both power on
259.Lamp fixture part, electrical, wiring, shade, more
260.Panasonic 48 inch flat screen TV, untested
261.Group of power tools for parts
262.Pioneer DVD player Magnavox combo player, both power on.
263.Small air grinders with wheels
264.Black carpet covered dollie
265.Six cases survivor slim iPad mini case. 4 per case
266.Six cases survivor slim iPad mini case. 4 per case
267.Three cases survivor slim iPad mini case. 4 per case
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